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Shotgun Squirtle
Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2016
Jul 22, 2011
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May 5, 1998 (Age: 19)

Shotgun Squirtle

19, from mars

Shotgun Squirtle was last seen:
Jul 13, 2016
    1. Raichoice
      I think your dead
      1. Shotgun Squirtle
        Jul 13, 2016
    2. Tepig
      go away.
    3. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Hi :P

      Neither have you >.>
    4. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      You're actually online?
    5. dueed from xat
      dueed from xat
      can u make me an animated pic like urs?
    6. Dragontongue195040
      Lol you are like the only person younger than me on smogon. :D
    7. TheChortler
      Attention Uber Agency Member!

      We are currently trying the revive the group and have heaps of fun games going on atm. We also have an Uber CCAT in the early stages which would use some contributation. You don’t need to know about ubers to participate, just giving some feedback and voting is what we need.

      Also, we are trying to get our intel network up and running so if you want to get an assignment and help us and earn merits at the same time that’d be great.

      Finally, if you have a great idea for a game or chat room then feel free to post it! I’m letting everyone post discussions over the next week so hopefully we can get some good games and chat rooms going.

      I hope to see you in the UA soon.

      ~Lugia Lt. TheChortler
    8. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      I would like some Hawaiian punch, and hold the hawaiian.
      How you going mate?!
    9. Undefinedmaster
      Show me proof that you won a tournament.
    10. zombachu
      Don't spam Garchompzilla.
    11. Complications
      There is an important vote in TAM-G.
    12. Team Magma Boss Maxie
    13. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Where are you dude?
      Also happy new year :)
    14. D.a.v.E
      Merry (late) christmas lol. How was it? what did u get?
    15. Typhloterra
      The Smogon Spriters has begun a new spriting contest. Whether you're an expert spriter or just a beginner, come on and join it. If you're inexperienced, you'll never get better by sulking about it; so wynaut (haha) come get some practice. Eventually you maybe as good as me ^-^ (I'm kidding. No one is as good as me) :P
    16. Axmaster68
      Attention Uber Agency Member!

      We have offically decided to start a newspaper! This paper will be called the Arceus Herald. If you think you can help please visit the discussion and post your interest if not visit the group anyway and check out the varitey of discussions and events going on at the moment!

      Also, if you have not gone the the Rankings, Jobs and Signing Up discussion to sign up please do so now so you can get your uber agency career underway!

      ~Palkia Pvt. Axmaster68
    17. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Attention Uber Agency Member!

      You haven't offically signed up in Rankings/ Jobs and signing up thread! Please do so the Agency can keep a track of your all important merits so you can rank up. We are currently short on spies, the job where you get the most assignments, and recruitment agents, where you are able to get a lot of points fast and help out even more then other jobs! We also have a new job, an ambassador, check out the Rankings, Jobs and Sign-Up thread to learn more about.

      Anyway, now you'll hopefully register so you can get your uber agency career underway!
    18. zombachu
    19. Muffinlander
    20. King Serperior
    21. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      *chunks a cheese grenade at SS*
    22. Muffinlander
      Is this avi better? my computer calls it "tree"
    23. Typhloterra
      Smogon University Marine Corps
    24. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Message to All Members:
      RPG has started
    25. Typhloterra
      The SUMC has begun an RPG. Come join it. It's not too late to sign up. Also, you can play several games, like "I have never" and help us kill the "STUPID WEEDLE!"
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    pie pie pie PELVIS WARS lick lick lick squirtle keep on licking yeah!!!!!
    I want to be!!!! I'll bring pie every time, hey that rhymes.:pimp:


    May 5, 1998 (Age: 19)
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    HGSS Friend Code:
    3353 1700 0316
    BW Friend Code:
    0132 1131 2122
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