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Dec 15, 2016
Apr 26, 2006
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Dec 15, 2016
    1. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      "i hope you step in dog shit "
      "many times"
    2. Ninjabait
    3. Ninjabait
      Natural formations of the Roman Alphabet found on Google Earth.

      'WAYLT' is an acronym for 'What Are You Listening To', the 'er' at the end signifies that you spam there a lot.

      Ah, I see, and I've technically been there since around January '08, so yeah, it wasn't very tight nit then. At least where I lurked and posted.
    4. Ninjabait


      The Rules Thread should explain it, we're a tight nit community (divided into tighter communities), we all know and love/hate each other.

      For example, you have your WAYLTers; otaku-dono/Dion, pink skitty/Kat, Chaotic Tyrant, Fujitsu, hobby, Dragodynamite, Cain Nightroad, diablo 200525, starliteevee, Mariya Shidou, and myself.

      Then you have the debaters, if you want to see them all, go to any thread in the Debate Forum with more than 100 posts, most of them will have them all.

      And that's just the tip of the iceberg. And I'm not talking about the general top, I'm talking about the actual tip of the iceberg.
    5. Ninjabait
      I frequent Misc. and Alt. Anime nowadays. Sometimes I go into Fan Sprites or GPD from time to time, though.
    6. Ninjabait
      Indeed, if only things were like they used to be. Now it's getting rather boring because everyone is posting in HGSS. I wish like would come to the other sections. v_v
    7. Ninjabait
      I see that you logged on for the first time in ages.

      Brings back memories of my 75 day absence...Bad times, bad times. *sigh*
    8. Ninjabait
      Well, you stopped going to SPPf and started going to Smogon more often, so that kind of fits the definition.
    9. Ninjabait
      You should've told me you left for Smogon. >:V
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