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Jan 24, 2017 at 1:50 AM
Dec 2, 2007
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Jun 18, 1991 (Age: 25)



is a Past SPL Champion
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Jan 24, 2017 at 1:50 AM
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Tobes
      Hey man, thanks for the input. It's really appreciated. Would you be interested in being QC?
    3. Limitless
      I'll be waiting on skarmbliss.
    4. Limitless
      Let me know when you're available today.
    5. Cristal
      I'm really sorry for avoiding you. It makes me look like a dick and I didn't intend to. I was just lazy to practice VG. I'm available to play right now if you want, but I'd understand that you're not available. Also, tell me if you prefer PS or PO
      Otherwise I'll be on from 9:00 to 11:00 GMT+1
    6. august
      first 2000 made in 2008

      i feel your pain, wifi.....
    7. PK Gaming
    8. Woodchuck
      gotta play for doubles minitour, vm me when you can play
      i'm timezone pst and i'm available a lot (as long as i'm awake) so we should be able to work something out
    9. Pocket
      Sixonesix, Join Doubles MiniTour!
    10. Pocket
      Sixonesix, can you free up some PM space? I'd like to show you the OP of the Standard Doubles Thread!
    11. Pocket
      you don't need IS access - this thread would go up on Others Metagame subforum. I just need avid doubles player that can help Nixhex and I to flesh out some ideas for this project, as well as help keeping doubles discussion afloat when the thread goes up. Nixhex and I actually made a channel #doubles for this purpose, so join us there :)
    12. Pocket
      SixOneSix, I proposed in the summer to cultivate a stronger double culture at Smogon in this thread. Doubles have been refined throughout the years, and it's such a shame for the most competitive online community to largely neglect it. I'd like to increase support for the doubles format, carve Smogon's own Doubles metagame with these players, and make it part of Smogon's Official Metagames.

      Now that Showdown supports the doubles format, we can finally set this plan into motion! Nixhex and I are leading this project, setting it loose on Smogon's Other Metagames sub-forums. I have also just sent a PM to Zarel to create a non-VGC ladder for this matagame-carving purpose. We invite you (among others) to co-lead this with us - you are a renowned doubles player, and your expertise in this unexplored area would be a great boon to this endeavor. If you know other double players who are interested, too, let us know! We need the manpower.

      Anyways, this is simply an invitation post for you to join in the fun! If you have any questions, feel free to PM Nixhex and me. I'm looking forward to your reply :)
    13. Mizuhime
      noted, i'll go register and learn the site a bit
    14. Mizuhime
      well it looks like we won't get that round played, it's a shame, but if you don't mind i'm trying to establish myself in the VGC community a little more and if you would ever play me it would be a good experience as i've heard you're quite the vgc player
    15. Mizuhime
      you're fine, take the time you need as long as you're ready before the deadline
    16. Mizuhime
      Nearly ready to get this show on the road?
    17. Mizuhime
      works for me, gives me a little more time to get my teams in order
    18. Mizuhime
      Hey i'm ready to go whenever you are, you can always fine me in #pokemon and many other channels, i'm also always on !PS I shouldn't be hard to find, just let me know when you want to play our round 1
    19. kd24
      hey hey :3. please get on irc :x
    20. kd24
      The Bigs would like to make it a priority to retain you for SPL. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    21. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      yeah, I guess I'll try GBU again, even though it's having problems, maybe we can battle when your DS gets better.
    22. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      IDK what to download
    23. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      thanks, I'll do that I'll let you know if I set it up correctly, say want to join the VGC Eagles?
    24. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      I'm on mac, what is wine?
    25. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      How do I get PO to work, because it won't download correctly for me.
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    Likes to run
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