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Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2016 at 1:02 PM
Sep 13, 2013
Trophy Points:
Jan 6, 1900 (Age: 116)


delete it fat, 116

is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

i miss them so much Jan 1, 2016

Skitty was last seen:
Feb 6, 2016 at 1:02 PM
    1. Hawkie
      My boot scootin' baby is drivin' me crazy
      My obsession from a western - my dance floor date
      My rodeo romeo, a cowboy god from head to toe
      Wanna make you mine better get in line
    2. rapgameuncleben
      hi skity your my best pokemon xD
      1. Skitty
        Jan 28, 2016
      2. Ace
        Gorry stop stealing my friends
        Jan 28, 2016
    3. Sol and Luna
      Sol and Luna
      why are you so trash
      1. Skitty
        Jan 25, 2016
    4. Crestfall
      stop being such a DIVA
    5. Ace
      I'm two kinds of potential
      plus new ice house to sweat ya warm
      1 2 i'm count contessa
      yup boo i'm house princessa
      come to my town to get ya
      come to ice house to get ya coin
      hustle i'm proud professor
      muscle i'm high adepta
      and in time i suggest ya
      learn to like house princessa
      1 1 2 i styles the besta
      until im kunt perfecta
      just new ice house contessa
      1. Skitty
        I'm everywhere you cant go, i'm everywhere you wish you could
        im stitcheded up in that van vogue my weave long & my pussy good
        I lift it up and i tip it slow, that chocolate body that tootsie roll
        that flirty hershey, lord have mercy, do it to me dont hurt me hurt me
        Jan 16, 2016
      2. Champion Albert
        Champion Albert
        Who says that you lay next to me?
        Why can't we catch up before your way, your way
        Ooh my love, my luxury's waiting
        If you want, you want to stay
        Let me in your world
        You know what I spy?
        Spy you looking lonely, you know boy that's why
        I wanna be your lady, Your l-l-l-love, my l-u-x-u-r-, aye ya know what I would
        If I could, if I could, if I could
        I'm gonna hip you now
        Jan 20, 2016
    6. Irraquated
      why is the eyelids so big
    7. Skitty
      i miss them so much
      1. Rhythms
        Jan 2, 2016
    8. Rhythms
    9. Jakee
      fucking weeb
      1. Skitty
        i dont even watch anime smh
        Dec 21, 2015
      2. Jakee
        what; you love Akikan :)
        Dec 21, 2015
    10. Emilyne
      Riding down, riding down
      My hand on your seat
      The whole way round
      I carry band-aids on me now
      For when your soft hands hit the jagged ground
      Wheels aren't even touching the ground
      Scared to take them off but they're so worned out
      Promise I won't push you straight to the dirt
      If you promise me you'll take them off first
      1. Skitty
        Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime
        Lick it slow, take your time
        Strawberry, Kiwi, Peach
        Tongue-tied, slur your speech
        Lollipop I'll let you lick it
        Lollipop I'll let you lick it
        Lollipop I'll let you lick it
        Lollipop I'll let you lick it
        Dec 21, 2015
    11. To Kill a Chatot
      To Kill a Chatot
      how can one be 115 years old and know the internet?
    12. Rhythms
      o///o the return
    13. Kouhai
      1. Skitty
        kouhai <3
        Dec 9, 2015
    14. To Kill a Chatot
    15. Emilyne
    16. The Kitty Cat
      The Kitty Cat
      so gay
      fuck me
    17. Queez
      greetings my cerealkin friend
      1. Queez
        hope u are well
        Oct 30, 2015
    18. Champion Albert
    19. Rhythms
    20. To Kill a Chatot
      To Kill a Chatot
      m-master skitty i-i-is that really you?!?!
      1. To Kill a Chatot
        To Kill a Chatot
        t-there are two different jellals ya know ;-;
        Sep 14, 2015
    21. Queez
      I just had a flashback to creeping on ur old smogon accounts w/ you loooooool
    22. Kouhai
    23. Champion Albert
      1. Skitty
        ily2 ;_; you should start playing LoL imo its so muchfun
        Aug 8, 2015
      2. Champion Albert
        Champion Albert
        maybe i'll try it sometime soon
        Aug 8, 2015
    24. Jin Of The Gale
    25. Lacuna
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    [23:19:40] @Goddess Briyella: read a book nigga


    Jan 6, 1900 (Age: 116)
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