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Jun 22, 2012
Apr 6, 2012
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    1. Gamings
      At least be mature when you decide to DC. Predictions are key in UU. Don't decide to flame people and rage quit.
      I also had a Pokemon with Heat Wave and a Choice Scarf user with fire punch so you're Durant could not have swept.
    2. blunder
      Are you serious dude? It's not my fault you can't beat a gimmick team

      And btw, if you are still mad about Sleep Powder never missing; Butterfree has Compound Eyes which boosts Sleep Powder to 98% accuracy, so please next time before you rage at me and look stupid, look it up
    3. evad17
      whats good bro
    4. chunx93
      it was a good game! Sorry if you felt cheated by rematching. im testing this team so i needed to learn how to deal with certain pokemon. anyway gg
    5. SBP33
      part 2

      3A59A8CE D78DAE63
      826A1727 2E01A743
      B2EB3E5F 1F9383BA
      B09C9F05 F77BB89D
      AB255A35 A450C84F
      5BD25026 38E8D1E9
      E6629581 110E483A
      2ED7EC00 8D72150F
      B88D2151 9AE0ACB4
      628E783F 00000000
      E001987C 000000DC
      888FEFF3 38F80000
      0950198E 32724D6A
      53801A4D 4C98B694
      78A9D643 EEE73D3F
      ED1FF066 C10313EE
      E21699A3 7D950174
      C2A6D890 BB3331E5
      AC5D3665 8C4D06C8
      7E700B42 064987BE
      8209233A 16DC32C5
      7D8786FF 4C07A56F
      2BE98DD0 71409190
      61819361 2853AB27
      CCA8B405 DF0DE60F
      7F532F85 C9D9E0D2
      0BFE3DEF BE723A3B
      84EB6C2B 21E29741
      80A64957 35E23E77
      1F958DC4 0741D316
      F92CEBEA 90B91751
      F682BB13 77280907
      B088348A 475C4438
      2E70A738 14BDFEC3
      B622C9B3 63D2D667
      74AC1F3B 3B1A1064
      ED31B9FA 6D1C2F62
      6321DD8B 6FBC0392
      B3A945C0 00000000
      D2000000 00000000
    6. SBP33
      part 1 of sceptile codes

      94000130 FFFB0000
      B2000024 00000000
      E00196C4 000000DC
      EBAE6AF1 ED110000
      5F7FF495 03F1422E
      0E1F83EB 9D295C2B
      18948BBD 79C9E12D
      158C9991 FEF9C5EB
      8CD176DC 22C83737
      3DA4F1BA E02E8943
      55C22E7C BA835D45
      020CEB9D 0434E9B1
      13674AFE DCD2C4B1
      726111CF 19AFBA3F
      C99087BA 8F853033
      80F749CF 6CF591FB
      B47B2CDF 9E16571F
      0CBBC176 69922775
      41168C17 C302E1DD
      601DF1BA F1C1A246
      CEDF653F EFD4C29C
      EEC1405B E8CCE518
      CCEABA71 3138D5CA
      FE4AE468 1972B562
      DD7D0E32 4A461E3B
      EF6C2179 928BCBF7
      67A4F9B5 A9586AEE
      48221AD0 92B68F30
      F72969C1 9B9617CA
      5E55CB7A 21058248
      E6F0CE03 00000000
      E00197A0 000000DC
      055866F1 31D90000
      040BB6E5 33848BE1
      A57904D8 12A335DC
      F055640B 4A6355DF
      62A23894 025740C8
      596791A8 1A61B17E
      2438F8A7 C9DD164B
      AF71D7A8 9AA0C830
      164F65CE E925433A
      BE175C1D 68B75EC0
      6016D94F 57D796F6
      9E49168F 5F311078
      C698D387 47CEE10F
      6B709DE5 0210B9C5
      C86051FD B4941F98
      0B1A781F BE6B4298
      425BB3E6 D4F7A051
      0F2F0567 DE5EC953
      3A59A8CE D78DAE63
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