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Jul 8, 2013
Apr 13, 2009
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Jan 30, 1993 (Age: 24)
Northern Ireland


24, from Northern Ireland

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Jul 8, 2013
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Arcanite
      I'v got Dragonite to reflect Himself Lucario and Mamoswine for this round just to keep us going, it also means threat is better distributed.
    3. Arcanite
      No hang on, bulldoze targets everyone
      Dig > Icicle Crash? Should still do a number, and keep threat, as noone will do more damage.
    4. Arcanite
      How bout Dig > Bulldoze (magnezone, Dragonite, Lucario) and i'll get luke to magnet rise?
    5. deadfox081
      Apologies for the lengthy raid delay, reffing is coming in the morning (under 12 hours)
    6. EspyOwner
      Don't know if you noticed, but jas is kind of the TL for the current (yes, it's still going on.) CAP. You could probably cut him some slack for not ordering in an asb match.
    7. Arcanite
      You just order synchroquake for eryone who can perform earthquake. However, Arcanine, Cinccino and Blissey don't want to be hit with these earthquakes, and cannot avoid them without using all their energy, so unfortunately, i don't think synchroquake will work. We should be able to synchroquake Vs Raikou though when we revisit CoT (I don't think we'll beat him this run), and we can bring a better team. EG, i'll have a krookodile and nidoking by then instead of Arcanine and Cinccino. We also won't have to bother with the magnets next time.
    8. Arcanite
    9. EspyOwner
      In your gym battle you need to specify the target of Krilowatt's Ice Shard combo
    10. Arcanite
      Maybe fill out Mamoswine's movepool a bit?
    11. Arcanite
      Me: Arcanine, Cinccino, Lucario, Dragonite Maybe?
      You: Blissey, Golurk, Tyranitar, Mamoswine?
    12. Arcanite
      I see your point with suicune! We could do stormrage depths I suppose, just the rewards aren't as good. Either that or Cliff of thunder (We know we can do it if we concentrate properly)
    13. Arcanite
      Crap, just seen that you have to have 2000 reputation.... scratch that then!
      We could do stormrage depths, but i think that one of the 3 bird/dog raids would be better.
      As we've done Articuno, shall we do one of the others?
    14. Arcanite
      The Legacy of the old god's quest states:
      Objective: Go into Central Processing (Hard Mode) and complete the challenge without causing Metagross to fall under 90% of its max HP.
      Reward: You will get 2X [IMG] Badge of Valor, as well as the following item:

      [IMG] Paragon of Gygax: Raises the Attack rank of the holder by (7) and its critical hit stage by (1).

      We complete the quest by taking down both Porgon2 and then PorygonZ.
    15. Arcanite
      You mean the Beldum and metang and Batteries? We don't want Gross getting hurt because of the quest. Does Golurk have Fire/Thunderpunch?
    16. Arcanite
      Just anything you think might be useful. Electric moves on everyone would be good for getting rid of the batteries.
    17. Arcanite
      I'd like to do Central Processing, and also, you can then get berry harvesting!

      Arghonaut, Cyclohm, Blissey, Golurk maybe?
    18. Arcanite
      I'm starting to wonder if perhaps Central Processing Hard mode (With the quest) might be more fun? (Better rewards too) Including Pride! We need Electric and Fighting types mostly, but any strong Pokemon should work (No resistances!!!). So I'm thinking Lucario, Machamp, Dragonite and Serperior (Leaf Storm/Giga Drain spam!) for me.
    19. Arcanite
      I see what you mean with regards to high power STAB etc. I'm not sure Nidoqueen is a great idea though.
    20. Arcanite
      I think Gastrodon with some actions wasted is stronger overall. So I'll bring Serperior over Champ, you bring same as last time?
    21. Arcanite
      Who do you suggest instead of gastrodon? I could use Serperior instead of machamp and gastro Acid Strom Drain away if you'd like?
    22. Arcanite
      I'd replace rock blast with thunderpunch (Iron Fist + Drenching) on Arghonaut. Rock Blast has lower accuracy, and lower power.
    23. Arcanite
      Raid's up!
    24. Arcanite
      OK, I'm ready to go!
    25. Arcanite
      Yeah, Just checked the thread:
      However, a Pokemon can't have more than one move altered by a Glyph at any given time.

      I'm ready to go btw
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