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Jun 24, 2013
Apr 24, 2011
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from Ireland

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Jun 24, 2013
    1. honchkro13
      Thanks for the trade!
    2. honchkro13
      I'm heading into the room
    3. honchkro13
      I will be checking Smogon regularly for the next 14 hours so VM me when you're ready
    4. honchkro13
      ready to trade?
    5. honchkro13
      Hey I'm ready to trade. I can trade only for the next two hours though, then I won't be able to trade for another 13 hrs. VM me when you're ready
    6. honchkro13
      Sounds good but I won't actually be able to trade for another 5 hours or so. I will VM you when I'm ready
    7. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Waiting for the frame to advance is the worst, what I do is max the speed on VBA and go into a battle, battles skip every other frame for me essentially doubling my speed, other than that there's really nothing I know of.

      And you can use the seed the .lua script gives you to see how far away from your target you are, but that's still limited by RGN reporter's range, the only other thing I can think of is you could use the seed and generate the frame1 spread for it and search for that in an old version of PokeRNG (the one for 3rd gen).
    8. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      You need to figure out what SID you need for your target to be shiny with the TID you get (there should be a range of 7 for the SID), there are a couple ways to do that but I use Pokegen to figure it out.
      Next you copy your list of seeds to notepad and convert your highest and lowest wanted SIDs to hex, write those down somewhere, if they're 1111 and 1118 (example) you would search for (space)111 in the list of seeds and look for the next number to be between 1 and 8, if your hex is only 3 (or fewer) digits then add more spaces to the start (adding spaces ensures it only looks at the right part of the seeds).
      If you can't find anything search more frames, when you do find it figure out which frame it is (can take some work to do it), then just advance, taking into account how long it takes to generate the SID.
    9. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Just copy and paste it into notepad or that, then save as type>all files and .lua instead of .txt
    10. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Not really sure what you mean, there's really no reason not to just RNG your SID now, Hozu has a guide to it here.
      And main window of RNG reporter can search 99,999,999 frames, any more than that and it's much faster to use the new game trick (check my convo with Lord Scalgon for info on that if you need it).
    11. religiousjedi
      I didn't want to flood DMP with questions, but based on what you're saying, this is what you did:

      1. Set the time and started first timer.
      2. Started game when the first timer's first countdown ended.
      3. Entered the game, checked to see if you hit Timer0 via Chatot. If you did, then you turned on C-gear.
      4. Hit the Entralink button, waited in the "x entered the Entralink!" till first timer's second countdown ended. At this point, when you press A, you started second timer.
      5. Advanced IV frame (if necessary), talked to target Poke, waited till second timer ended before battling Poke.

      Am I correct?
    12. Hozu
      That is a great Magikarp. If I had not already asked to trade for one just like yours I'd have asked to trade for it.
    13. labarith
      I know it's kind of a mess, but I do have some nice events in there...

      also, I can EV train for you if you'd like. I use AR to check Ivs after I'm done, and can usually EV a whole team in an hour or so...
    14. labarith
    15. Gothic Togekiss
      Gothic Togekiss
      alright, I'll be on in just a second.

      Need FC.
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