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Last Activity:
Mar 8, 2013
Mar 17, 2010
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Spyros was last seen:
Mar 8, 2013
    1. Crim09
      meet me in wifi for the skarmory
    2. Alakapimp
      When can you play for the omaha tournament?
    3. Fliver
      I can Trade everytime I am online.
      Just VM me, when you are able.
    4. sophies
      i am heading on wifi now
    5. sophies
      i can give you the kabuto if you havent gotten it yet
    6. ankyfdarkness
      When you are ready to trade please use my platinum FC.:)
    7. Zippo
      kiallos elinas:P
      Well i really dont need it because of the lax nature but i guess i could use him as a parent and try to breed one that is naive natured since he already has the dragon dance learned. Is this a freebie or?
    9. Explanation
      did you freeze or something
    10. Explanation
      can you get the beldum now
    11. Cool Ivysaur
      Cool Ivysaur
      Thanks για το Abra!
    12. Cool Ivysaur
      Cool Ivysaur
      Καλύτερα να σου τα δώσω παρά να τα κάνω release.As i said,τα έχω διπλά.
      Πάρε το Abra και άλλα 5 άχρηστα και τα λέμε στο wifi.
    13. Cool Ivysaur
      Cool Ivysaur
      OK,one more thing.
      Κάνω RNG συνέχεια και καμιά φορά τυχαίνει να πιάσω πόκεμον μου ήδη έχω.Τα κουτιά μου είναι γεμάτα και δεν μπορώ να κρατάω "διπλά".Μήπως θέλεις 5 ποκεμον,για να μη τα κάνω release και πάνε τσάμπα :P
    14. Cool Ivysaur
      Cool Ivysaur
      Το FC είναι στο sig μου.
      Your FC?
    15. Cool Ivysaur
      Cool Ivysaur
      Ok,πες μου ποιό pokemon θέλεις από το thread μου.
    16. Cshadow
      It seems I missed your cloning requests :X
      If you still need them I'll be here. It's just hard to respond on the weekdays. My bad, again, sorry
    17. Bakus
      Lol, I feel your plight (many newcomers do I imagine), but you can always offer up EV'ing services to get credits for some REDIS pokes to open a thread (if you have the time investment and determination :P).
    18. mittensanimation
    19. Bakus
      XD - sorry for the late reply, it'd help more if you post a reply to my page, so I get a notification, lol - sorries.

      In any case, how can a Metagross be at level 75 and still be UT? Either way, no - atk and def are rather bad, lol. Everything else is really nice though - just rather bad that there's already a flawless metagross on Smogon and I happen to already own it :/
    20. Spyros
      What about an Adamant Metagross (UT at level 75-I could train it) with the following IVs:


    21. Bakus
      If there IVs are in the right place, I don't mind trading - you can just send me a list of what you have via PM and I'll see what I can pick.
    22. Bakus
      I'm pretty sure Negator's Latias falls under what you're looking for in one - do you have any sort of offers?
    23. drasil
      thanks a lot for the lucky egg :) sorry i can't help with what you're looking for :( perhaps at a later occasion when i get some more rng practice :D
    24. drasil
      i'm getting on wifi right now
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