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Nov 18, 2016
Nov 13, 2011
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Jul 2, 1990 (Age: 27)


Male, 27

is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus
Stalfos was last seen:
Nov 18, 2016
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Arkian
      Gratz on Researcher ^.^
      1. Stalfos
        thank you :]
        Nov 16, 2013
    3. Stellar
      I'm adding you to the researcher nomination, it just took me a minute to get an accurate count of your contributions.
    4. Harsha
      hello stalfy n_n

      how are you
    5. Harsha
      stalfos sighting :o
    6. shnen
      wow, I'd forgotten about you :o
    7. Mafeking
      I love you more than everyone on this page EVER COMBINED IN ALL ETERNITY
    8. TrollFreak
      What harsha said, I don't even see you anymore :(
    9. Harsha
      aww, sorry man, we miss you though x)

      i've been pretty swell haha, how about you man
    10. Harsha
      stalfy! you're still alive :3
    11. Mafeking
      yeah I started this week; I'm done with classes for the week now though so that's cool

      college is fun I guess but yeah I'm gonna get busy soon I already know x_x

      glad to hear you're alright :3 <3
    12. Mafeking
      hi stalfy

      how are you doing <3
    13. Raseri
      Will you GP Sawk please? He's getting lonely :(
    14. Mafeking
      oh no i put lots of things off writing is just like the one thing i am pretty good at and enjoy doing a lot of so i tend to do that instead of other things

      oh my your words are so sensational i cannot contain myself
    15. Mafeking
      you're not old stop being so harsh on yourself that is my job.

      i write lots of things but sometimes i just write because that is what writers do. no tbh i'm writing stuff in advance for the writing courses i'm taking this year just in case so that i can avoid doing work in them bc i'm taking latin and probably need to focus a lot of my time on that. it's like being pre-emptive or something idek

      pst is only like two hours behind me and i definitely do not go to bed before 10 o'clock so i can definitely chat you up and stufffffff!!! don't worry i will make it work because we are friends
    16. Mafeking
      omicrone is rather koot yes i agree

      i am v v glad to hear that you are doing much better because this brings my heart to a state of elation matched only by a very few other things!! i should really probably GP again but i am kind of lazy and kind of busy preparing for the journey into college life which i do in like exactly one week oh my!!! i will probably return to doing my duty as an active member of the gp team once i am settled down at college later this month

      i have been pretty good though. writing a lot and this is why i'm not irc much (i haven't been on in like 10 days oops) because it is an unnecessary distraction for me when i am only ever in #grammar and yet i am not currently thinking about gp checks due to school organization (packing etc) and my own writing stuff that i am working on but maybe i will show up l8r today or tomorrow just to see you bc you are rather cute
    17. Mafeking
      favorite user please do being well & remaining cute okay <3 <3 <3
    18. Mafeking

    19. Mafeking
      oh well that is good to hear regardless!!

      what did you have :( nobody ever told me
    20. Mafeking

      are you still sick

      because you're too cute to be
    21. Mafeking
      baby we can be anything you like ;)

      the crobat went swimming in the Great Barrier Reef with Ritter and was attacked by 73% poisonous coral and now it is 73% poisonous :3
    22. Mafeking
      I like you

      also I stopped being dumb and realized you were talking about the Recent Visitors tab hahahahahahaha

      yes it took me 12 hours
    23. Mafeking
      not gonna lie that vm ~confused~ me for a minute because I was like "wait what am I being nommed for mod somewhere who would do that I am so confused what on earth does he mean"

      and then tbh I never figured it out NEVER MIND I'M DUMB

      but hi I love you <3
    24. Mafeking

      stop being sick Stalfy good lord

    25. sirndpt
      I really do hope so <3
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