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Last Activity:
Oct 23, 2014 at 1:20 AM
Jul 12, 2011
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Staraptor was last seen:
Oct 23, 2014 at 1:20 AM
    1. GlassGlaceon
      XY UU tournament gmt-5 open on saturdays nd sundays
    2. B-Lulz
      we gotta play for fuk dw, let me know when you get this message
    3. apologies
      im going to be camping this weekend, can you play tuesday or wednesday?
    4. apologies
      we need to play for fuk dw, my timezone is pst, when are you available
    5. Yosh SiliS
      Yosh SiliS
      Hey let me know when you can battle..
    6. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Making sure you haven't missed this, when can you play?
    7. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Hi we're paired for the Doubles Tournament. When can you play? I'm good most weekdays 5-10 GMT -5 (EST)/
    8. Yosh SiliS
      Yosh SiliS
      How about early on Monday? Like 10 or 11am your time?
    9. Yosh SiliS
      Yosh SiliS
      Just let me know..
    10. Yosh SiliS
      Yosh SiliS
      How about tuesday night? Or maybe next Monday? Tomorrow I'll be on at 10 your time, or next monday around 5 your time. Or maybe this Saturday some time... When do ya think?
    11. Yosh SiliS
      Yosh SiliS
      Hey dude, we have a tourny match to do! I'm GMT -6, let me know when we can get this done!
    12. jrp
      hey man, can you please do me a favor
      3:22 PM
      vm staraptor and tell him that i have been on grotto po waiting for him since 11am and i'm gonna be here till like 430 before i head out
    13. Seco453
      hey, what`s up. When do you wanna play?
    14. [K-12] The Madchine
      [K-12] The Madchine
      When could you play for DPP Tournament?
    15. jrp
      WhiteQueen: can you send straraptor a vm or pm on the forums and tell him that i will be on po grotto around 6pm est on the weekdays, and i will be on there a lot of the weekend waiting for him to get our rd#3 ost match done
    16. Seco453
      I can play every day from 2.30 pm to 5 pm in your time.
    17. Seco453
      what about playing now? I am on Pokemon Online Pokemonexperte server
    18. Bloo
      Ok, I would prefer Sunday, unless you are willing to play today within the hour. I will look for you on Sunday if not, and if we don't find each other on the forums at the same time then, I should be available throughout the week day since I am on holiday break. We have until the 29th to complete these games, so it shouldn't be a problem. Let me know what times are generally best for you and I will see what I can do; I can be very flexible with timing.
    19. Seco453
      hey, when do you wanna play bw uu? i`m gmt +1, tell me when you are available. You can also find me on irc at #pokemon or #spl
    20. dice
      when can you do the adv uu battle for that tour ? i'm free all weekend & 3-10 pm est during the week. so yah.
    21. Nova
      hey sorry i didnt catch you. I've been studying for finals all weekend. I'll be free all week though starting tmrw evening.
    22. Nova
      Want to play this weekend? I'll be online for almost the entirety of it so just drop me a VM when you want to play
    23. Nova
      Need a couple of days to test
    24. Endeby
      ... That`s after the deadline. I really don`t know if the host will be ok with that, but I`m open on both friday and saturday as long as we do it by evening/night in my timezone.

      Give me a time.
    25. Endeby
      We need more than a "hi" here. See my latest post in the thread.
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