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Apr 20, 2012
Apr 24, 2011
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from Antarctica

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Apr 20, 2012
    1. Sephirona
      (continued x 2) Seems like you haven't been around for a while either, but if you do come back on feel free to ask for a number of whatever you want from my thread as payment for me being a careless idiot. I can release the Blastoise too if you want, I only have the one you gave me. Sorry again. ;A;
    2. Sephirona
      (continued) I have no idea how I could be so ridiculously careless, nor how I somehow never realized it despite having so many easy ways to check IVs at my disposal >_< I haven't RNGed for years by now but I'll relearn it so I can figure out where I went wrong as well.
    3. Sephirona
      Ughh. Hey, I'm really, really sorry about this late message. I just logged in for the first time in ever and after seeing your post I dug through about four feet's worth of old boxes to look for my external HD so I could check my RNGs from two years ago. I've verified that I indeed somehow managed to RNG the tynamo with the wrong IVs.
    4. Ames
      Hey man, wondering if you might be able to do a breeding project for me if you are still around?
    5. Cereza
      sorry to hear that :< hope she gets better. just send me a VM when you're available
    6. PoJ
      Wait, lol, really? xD Isn't like, really gimmicky? I never tried it, but I just suggested you RNG an Adamant/Jolly one since those are pretty nonexistent on Smogon :P

      Well, that's shocking, in a good way! I think I'm going to use my Adamant shiny spread on HG for Latios (I'll have to hack an Enigma Stone again, though :( ).
    7. Cereza
      Will you be busy this week?
    8. King N
      King N
      BOth work.
    9. King N
      King N
      Whenever you want.
    10. Dracomaster
      Ok, send me a vm when you are available.
    11. Dracomaster
      Hey do you still need ev training services?
    12. King N
      King N
      Same for me.D:
    13. King N
    14. King N
      King N
      Also, I have exams too. Will take a long break. Also post there not VM as COmments are needed,
    15. King N
    16. King N
    17. PoJ
      That sucks .-. I start in 13 days! Why so early for you? :(

      Well no problem! I'm glad I could help so much. I hope you don't get too busy. I'm going to High School next year so I'll probably be busy as well :(
    18. Cereza
      that's fine ^^ I dont need it right away
    19. uzumakisempai
      do you have a timbur drain and mach punch you could trade?
    20. Jake626
      Okay epic mate. I'll do just that, do you want the file on Pokecheck though? I've figured this all out now, (had to switch my ds which was odd) and I can also do Pokegts so the file is still private to yourself. :)
    21. Cereza
      but I was wondering if you could nickname it "Latias" ;-;
    22. Cereza
      Stephenjm, Do you mind if I keep a copy of Latias for myself?
    23. Jake626
    24. Jake626
      Ah crud, :/ Well can you give me a brief explanation thats a tad better than the one on Pokechecks.org? I mean I get the basics, set up the DNS do this and that, but how do I get the latias from the file, to my game?
    25. Jake626
      Interesting. I'd honestly have to look into how to do that, would it be probable for you to help me out here and just trade it to me? I'll give you my masterball or something else in return :P
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