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Subject 18
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Oct 24, 2016 at 5:33 PM
May 3, 2012
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September 20

Subject 18

Now it ends.

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Subject 18 was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 24, 2016 at 5:33 PM
    1. Drangonn.
      this profile is so sparse !_!

      jazz it up imo.
    2. imsosorrylol
      1. imsosorrylol
        So yeah if you can get the permission to open a team archive that'd be great. I'd handle updating the thread and can build teams for others if that's better for you. Thanks for the help!
        Mar 2, 2016
    3. Subjugator
      One question do you like to use Balance Teams
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        why yes I do.
        Jan 6, 2016
      2. Subjugator
        Balance is a fool's master.
        Jan 7, 2016
    4. Snowy.
      Your avatar is actually the best !_!
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        Dec 30, 2015
    5. Jibaku
      whats with the ct ._.
    6. Tricking
      yo play now?
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        Sorry, I havent really busy all weekend plus some a family death. I should be able to play tomorrow.
        Aug 9, 2015
    7. Luckstard.
      yo paired for Sum Zero Tour r1. GMT +2 and free almost all the time. When do you want to play?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Luckstard.
        yes, what time?
        Aug 6, 2015
      3. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        I should be free in the morning my time.
        Aug 7, 2015
      4. Luckstard.
        i'll be on smogtours
        Aug 7, 2015
    8. Silverbackkap
      Hey, Its been awhile since I posted my core on the teambuilding thread back in july I know its been passed around a couple times now but I was just wondering whats going on.. sorry if i'm coming of as impatient :/
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        the reason as to why it's taking so long to build with that core is that it's just a subpar core. the two dont really have a whole lot of synergy together. m00ns and I worked on it together for about a week and with all the iterations we made the team just didn't work. we came to the conclusion that scoli does nothing to help lop especially with a sash tspikes set. your making yourself really weak to flying right off the bat with no Sr to help mitigate it to an extent.
        Aug 2, 2015
      2. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        we can post one of the better teams we made but it's not up to both of our standards so we don't want to post a mediocre team
        Aug 2, 2015
      3. Silverbackkap
        I understand. could you try perhaps building around Tspikes+lop instead? (any Tspike user) and that way you would have more options while building? I guess the original core just looked good on paper..
        Aug 3, 2015
    9. Halcyon.
      hi I just moved back to maine today and I'm tired as all hell. Can you please close voting for the What;s his last thread and also put up a team for round 4? kthx ily <33333
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        I'll do it when I get home
        Jul 22, 2015
    10. Gary2346
      So are you like back into mons or wut lol
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        I came back to play tours. still playing League tho, gotta keep my sanity somehow right?
        Jul 19, 2015
      2. Gary2346
        ah playing mons to keep sanity sounds like a great plan lol
        Jul 19, 2015
      3. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        Jul 19, 2015
    11. Clone
      I did say voting ends Monday but I can end it later tonight if you want.
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        ah my b.
        Jul 18, 2015
    12. Viridi
      Pride <3
    13. firehusky
    14. Leftiez
      Welcome back bro :D
      I missed you
    15. DarkNostalgia
      congrats and welcome back!
    16. Minus
      grats dude
    17. Recreant
      Welcome back, good to have you!
    18. LilOu
      LOL nice job stealing my playstyles thread's OP, brings back good memories :')
    19. KratosMana
      thx bro :]
    20. Trinitrotoluene
      1. Trinitrotoluene
        well, since you're not playing mons anymore, good luck in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue.

        also, have a nice day bro. i'll miss ya :[
        Feb 3, 2015
    21. boltsandbombers
    22. bb skarm
    23. Reverb
      hey haunter wants to know if you're still active
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        Not really, I dont play mons anymore and I'm barely checking Smogon as it is.
        Jan 24, 2015
    24. Reverb
      yo check your conversations. we need you to respond to the ou mod one
      1. Subject 18
        Subject 18
        I saw it, I'll respond when I get home
        Jan 11, 2015
    25. Hootie
      Fullmetal is the best.
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