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  • T'as travaillé Dimanche :'(
    Moi pis Francis on s'est amusés a tuer des zombies mais tsé y avait personne pour jeter des grenades random ou piquer mes gun...
    J'ai déjà hâte a la prochaine fois qu'on se voit (A Noel genre) Pis j'vais avoir ma PlayStation ;D
    Nice job, I'm probably going to revise my stall team a bit, since I've taken a break of laddering after 3 straight losses x-x. Looks like a really good team, though, with a ton of offensive power, I might rate it later.
    Oh cool, Klinklang seemed like a powerful sweeper to me. I feel the same way about my team, though, I just kind of winged it and I hadn't really looked at the tier's main threats, but it managed to win a lot of games somehow.
    Nice job with #1 on the NU Ladder. If you don't mind me asking, what type of team are you running? I managed to get to #6 [and rising lol] with Stall, although Sabeleye can be annoying.
    Yeah you're right, funnily enough it NU may be dominated by Hail and RU remains relatively weatherless because of the stonger counters available. I haven't played in ages, maybe I'll play a bit tomorrow and see what happens!
    Yeah I'm really disappointed with Golurk leaving, he was one of my favourite Pokemon to use in RU. Rhyperior leaving sucks too because I need to find different ways to deal with Honchkrow. I'm happy that Gallade stayed though!

    Yeah NU looks really fun, I think I automatically like any tier without weather so I'm looking forward to NU too!
    Vous etes francais Super Pascal? Oui, Pique Pique est un bon indice. Yeah im not great at french but hows it going?
    Ouais il à été relâché au Japon mais pas aux États-Unis encore. Il va monter en UU c'est sûr, donc fais-toi pas une équipe qui tourne trop autour de lui sinon tu vas être déçus... Sa ferais comme avec Garchomp.
    Hey Superpascal, if you edit your original post and go into 'advanced' you can edit the tag along with the thread name!
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