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Jul 10, 2013
Nov 3, 2012
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the Netherlands


from the Netherlands

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Jul 10, 2013
    1. Hashtag
    2. TUO
      hey Meloetta, we gotta play for the TS tour. I'm GMT+8 and can play around any time.
    3. sadoldpoygon22

      You have not met the requirements to stay in the group called Lets make a game together (posting AT THE LEAST 5 ideas or posts).
      If you get your total posts to 5 in the next week, you will be taken out from the Inactive List. After 1 week of no compliance, you WILL be kicked from the group.
      This message is only sent to any inactive members.
    4. The Kyle
      The Kyle
      hi, we're paired for sequels are never good. if you use irc you can find me in #baril or #pokemon
    5. dice
      what about now
    6. dice
      idk i'm EST and on break so im free whenever

      give me a time n date and i'll b there
    7. Celever
      Thanks! :D Get on irc imo
    8. ChaosABliss
      Lucario: sorry*looks outside too see Zoroark* OMFG MY X

      Me: hmm?
    9. ChaosABliss
      Lucario: I love u guys

      me: cool
    10. ChaosABliss

      Lucario: HARD BODY

      Me: hell yeah
    11. ChaosABliss
      I'm going too take a shower and sing bump N' Grind by R.Kelly
    12. ChaosABliss
      Yeah man.......lucario's rock
    13. ChaosABliss
      well it's been good,eating pizza I fucks wat it
    14. ChaosABliss
    15. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Building a team is just like a science experiment. You go through tons of Trial and Error before you get what you want. Here's a Synergy Chart, where you just insert Pokemon and it shows you your weaknesses to each type.
    16. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Well, the one thing you have to remember is that you will lose A LOT before you even start winning consistently.
    17. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Well, we could do one together once your OU metagame knowledge grows.
    18. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Well, I used to be really really bad at making teams, even though I had a ton of experience from Netbattle and Pokemon Online alike, and look at me now! I have 6 RMT's and 602 Posts and I'm very respected here! You will gain experience (I can provide some pointers if need so) and teambuilding skills alike.
    19. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      I've noticed you're new to the forums, so how do you like it so far?
    20. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Hey, I love Meloetta too!

      Here's a gif just for you! (That rhymed)

    21. Snaquaza
      I will go test 1 vs 1 with you once, say it when you have time
    22. Flaresun
      Hey, fellow 1vs1 and Melloetta lover! :D *brosisfist*
    23. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      Wifi, PO, or PS?
    24. BattleStar
      I sent you an invite to team rocket corporation
    25. TeamEmpoleon
      @Bald Accountant, sure, but I only play on Pokemon Showdown
      @Kecleon352, Of course can you join my group!
      @TrainerX493, I will join the group! :)
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    Pokecommunity name: TeamEmpoleon
    Pokemon Showdown name: MikevdKraats

    You can always battle me at PS for a Random/OU Battle!


    the Netherlands
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    Capable of taking hits
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