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Sep 26, 2011
Dec 2, 2008
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Sep 26, 2011
    1. Rudy
      Lol thanks brah will do! Although with Wrestling season coming up it's going to be hard to bulk up ):
    2. Terminator
      Don't really know lol...i'm probably going to major in nutrition and open up my own business or something. i hope to start working as a PT soon so that i can earn a bit of money...if you can give me career advice that'd be great lol.

      btw, thanks lol. i love the way you're so knowledgeable about english lol...i would've never thought i'd find anyone that knows about about independent clauses :P
    3. Lanturn314
      Hey! I just saw your post in the unhealthy decisions thread, and it's refreshing to see someone else who actually goes onto pubmed to back up what they're saying. :toast:

      So what do you do/plan on doing for a living? You seem knowledgeable about medicine :)
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