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Mar 2, 2013
Trophy Points:
    1. TerrorDave
      heh heh heh 69 posts
    2. Ajwf
      Come to the dark side. It's Aegcillent :)
      1. A Terrakion
        A Terrakion
        Clever af. Well played
        Jul 16, 2014
    3. habajiga
      umm......uhhhh...thanks for the help in teambuilding. ILY
    4. Logic.
      [18:54:09] TheUltimateLatias: DEFINE IT.
    5. Tyrant laharl
      Tyrant laharl
      Hello TFL. I'm following in the footsteps of based Ajwf and congratulating your stall team for being as delicious as my moms rabbit potpourri's.
    6. Ajwf
      No one ever wrote friendly messages on your wall? No one has ever written messages on your wall at all, but for the insulting one below :/ Well, hello then. This is an incredibly friendly person from the nicest person you could but will never eat. Also, you build stall like my mother cooks food. Take that as you will.
    7. RotomPoison
      Please stop replying to me in the thread. Being forced to tell your opponent something, would, in the case of Showdown, force a message to appear that does not appear in-game, thus altering game mechanics. Please do not expect me to reply to you in that thread anymore, but if you still want to discuss this then I you can PM me, as long as it remains civil.
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