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Feb 17, 2013
Oct 11, 2012
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Feb 17, 2013
    1. NixHex
      Like I said, messaging me isn't going to change anything. How about instead of complaining, you try to make an impact yourself. Be an respectful, intelligent, and influential person in the suspect thread, ladder until you make voting reqs, then make a vote. That's the difference you can make, not having an argument about the philosophical differences between Starcraft and Pokemon.
    2. FLCL
      can we battle now? i'm on ps as watashi
    3. blarajan
      Hi, is the battle with you and FLCL happening? I'll give you a one day extension. Also, don't ever "offer you a deal" like you did. Thanks!
    4. NixHex
      That's your opinion, and it doesn't belong in a thread about Tornadus-T and Keldeo. Our staff has undergone years of work to get the tiering process and the council system the way it is today, so making a completely irrelevant post or messaging me isn't going to change that.
    5. FLCL
      i'm not really up for using someone else's team for the finals. i'm avaliable to battle for the whole day tomorrow (i'm gmt-8), but i'll be gone for two days after that.
    6. FLCL
      wanna battle for the lc mini tour now? i'm on ps as watashi
    7. Tofu
      oh looked it up, was wrong about your timezone.
      Make it 11am Friday morning my time? (AEDT Gmt +11), Which i believe is Thursday Night 4pm your time? let me know if this time is good for you. Deadline is up but i spoke to Elevator_Music and he kindly gave us an extension.
    8. Tofu
      Hey 4pm will be 3am here so that's not good for me x_X.
      I'm in gmt +11. i'll be available my time
      friday 3pm-12am. Let me know if you can get on sometime between then. Otherwise Em said we will just have to do a coin toss since deadline is today.
    9. Tofu
      listed to play you for lc cup 2.
      Will be on for awhile now, contact me on irc or reply back. irc user is Kuroh.
    10. Jukain
      Holy fuck just shut up.
    11. Jukain
      jesus nigga shut up

      No, I'm not conceited, you're just being a retard. See, this situation allows me to do that. You defended your beliefs in an idiotic manner.
    12. Jukain
      I didn't mean to start an argument, really. As for your second point, yeah, I can. You're being negative, he's not. THIS IS DONE.
    13. Jukain
      He has every right to claim something and I don't see why he would not until someone tells him otherwise. No one "deserves" to be called an idiot. Ask anyone and I bet they'd say that wasn't called for. I'm done with this pointless bickering, it's going to get nowhere. Have a nice day.
    14. Jukain
      He can comment wherever he wants. You are no pinnacle of wisdom either. You don't insult people when they're wrong. You tell them that they're wrong and why they're wrong. Nothing calls for insulting someone.
    15. Jukain
      I don't want to derail the OU stats thread, but really man. You don't go around insulting people like that. Keep thoughts like that to yourself.
    16. danilo
      get on irc so we can play
      im danilo
    17. danilo
      we have to play for lcup
      find me on #littlecup on irc so we can play
    18. iss
      hey, i'd recommend you turn down your tone a bit in the potw thread

      a) blarajan's a mod, a council member, and a lc community contributor
      b) the potw is frillish, so he does have a point about not making the thread about tentacool
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