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Apr 23, 2012
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Fisto's forest
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    Fisto's forest
    Real Name:
    not actually Todd
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    My Characteristic:
    Alert to sounds
    Haven't really paid much attention to the metagame since pokebank, so I probably won't have anything valid to say about current trends and stuff. Die hard lover of past metagames and less played tiers.

    Not too great at team-building, but I'm pretty damn good at the prediction/analysis/tactics part of the metagame, kinda the 'boots on the ground,' actually-during-the-battle type stuff.

    My favorite part of pokemon is to take a lesser used pokemon and build a team around them to try to make them shine (4th Gen Cacturne, 2nd Gen Tentacruel, etc.) 4th gen UU is the best tier I don't care what anyone else says. Never really got into third gen, though.
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