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Last Activity:
Oct 16, 2012
Aug 14, 2007
Trophy Points:
    1. Diamond Smoke
      Diamond Smoke
      hey your fusion is done! come check it out!
    2. JayJigga
      can we have a rematch another day? i didnt do my best that i could
    3. Zari
      np :) and enjoy the LC mons! I'll keep checking back to see if there's something I need from your thread :)
    4. Zari
      I'm on wifi now; use the DP code on my profile :)
    5. Zari
      yep; the EV'd version of hypno is fine too. I'll bring all 4 LC mons, just be sure to have enough to trade lol :)
    6. Zari
      yep, but I'm tired now, so I'll make the post tomorrow. sorry bout that, but6 I can't think straight when I'm tired :/
    7. Zari
      It's actually not all that difficult; most of the stuff I'm doing is just adding and subtracting largish numbers, which isn't very hard at all ;). And I'll post if I find something (I probably will; I'm always on the lookout for good parents for mons)
    8. Zari
      Gonna go check it now :) (I've been working on writing a program to help speed up 3rd gen RNG abuse, and it's coming along nicely :D!) anyways, will VM you back (or post in your thread if you want me to ;]) with what I find!
    9. Itsuki
      Sorry man. Didn't see anything.

      It's great you're getting into LC though. =]
    10. ItsTrue
      Thank you very much! Take care.
    11. ItsTrue
      Oh no! It' just that it was difficult to find a time when we are both on that's all: )
      I appreciate this!
    12. ItsTrue
      Thank you! See you on!
    13. ItsTrue
      Hi Trader, if you are still here do you mind changing the Arcanine's name? Thanks!
    14. Metalex
      No problem thank you aswell :).
    15. Metalex
      Thats okay im doing that now.
    16. Metalex
      The 4 I transfered were Meowth Elekid, Snorunt and Dratini are these okay? either that or I have to transfer the Voltorb.
    17. Metalex
      Wait you didnt tell me which 4 LC pokemon you wanted :P?
    18. Metalex
      very sry for the wait use myplatinum fc and i will be in shortly
    19. Metalex
      Hi there I just got home. I need to transfer those LC Pokes to my Platinum I will let you know when Im done doing that.
    20. Metalex
      I sure will :), And little cup is quite a fun metagame hope you like it ^^
    21. Metalex
      Sure Im just at Wal-Mart lol...waiting in line to pay for my stuff so I will be home shortly ;)
    22. Metalex
      will you be on in like 45 minutes? im not at home right now...
    23. Metalex
      I like these...all UT plz

      Pokemon XD Duskull
      Bold HP Ground Growlithe
      SelfDestruct Brave Wailord
      Mild Heatran

      Which 4 do you want?
    24. Metalex
      Yes im going to make a new one..my format is getting messy and crowded so I want to reserve some more posts..I will check your thread :) which lc pokes you want?
    25. Itsuki
      Hi. I didn't see anything. Can you delete your post. The rules said vm only.
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    The Space Olympics, year 3022
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    4940 5025 5229
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