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Jul 13, 2010
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Sep 15, 1995 (Age: 19)
☆彡 τʜε sʜοοτιηɢ sταʀ ᴘʀοᴊεᴄτ ☆彡
competitive tutoring room co-owner | rmt forum mod
    1. Fatecrashers
    2. Rhythms
      I can't feel the Braille
    3. Celticpride
      Are RMT tutors a thing? I'd like to help out with that if they are.
      1. AD impish john
        AD impish john
        If so could I join?
        May 19, 2015 at 6:18 PM
    4. Ununhexium
    5. Snobalt
      Do something for post #1337
    6. Team Pokepals
      Team Pokepals
      You always find the coolest Gardevoir gifs! For the practice rounds, how long does it usually take for me to find out how I did? Also, as a side note, is it possible to ask or even make it a rule for an original poster to reply to their RMT if you rate it? I've been starting to get annoyed of writing up large rates and not see any changes or replies from the OP. Thanks!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Trinitrotoluene
        as for your second request, we really can't enforce that because people are people. remember, we all have life outside of smogon!
        May 15, 2015
      3. Team Pokepals
        Team Pokepals
        I understand, I already had my finals lol. I know, but the 2nd request was more towards people that are still active and rating other teams, but not replying to people rating their own. Thanks
        May 15, 2015
      4. Team Pokepals
        Team Pokepals
        gl with Finals!
        May 15, 2015
    7. Repeater1947
      Hey there, I've been more interested in RMT nowadays; may I kindly ask for any suggstions for me to improve?

      ty in advance ^_^
    8. m00ns
      yo i want to get more into team rating. could u please give me some suggestions?
      tyty trinitrotoluenetortolini :]
    9. Adamant Zoroark
      Adamant Zoroark
    10. FrozenCold
      Finally Found out what ur Name stands for XD
      1. Hulavuta
        you mean what stands for his name right??
        May 8, 2015
    11. hellpowna
      ^^^^^^ hello amazing user ^^^^^^^^
    12. Oglemi
      i didn't realize your avatar was a gif at first and i was reading a thread and it scared me and i cried a little ;-;
    13. Montsegur
      yo, if you get a chance to get on PS that would be cool. Got something that I wanna discuss but don't wanna start a PM cause I have to many of those cluttering up my inbox.
    14. Mudvayne
      looks like you didn't keep that avi for long, rip yoko
      1. Flygonial
        It stuck around for longer than usual than TNT's avis before that - and this current avi is pretty close to such a status as well.
        May 6, 2015
    15. ShootingStarmie
      Holy shit TNT when did you get so many badges o-o
      1. Trinitrotoluene
        i got both of my mod badges in one day ._.

        as for my team rater and cc badges, i had them recolored prior to obtaining my mod badges.
        Apr 30, 2015
    16. Springtrap
      Cool avi, but I like the old one better :P
    17. AD impish john
      AD impish john
      Hey I want to be a better rater do you have any suggestions since your a pro :]
      1. Trinitrotoluene
        hey, sup. glad to see that you're interested in team rating :]

        the best way to get better at team rating is just to rate more and ask for feedback from established team raters for the tier you're rating. the rating practice team rounds are also another great way to get your ability to rate evaluated. however, you'll have to wait for the next round to happen since submission deadlines for this round have already passed.
        Apr 28, 2015
      2. AD impish john
        AD impish john
        I'm going to try to get the Offical Team Rater Badge. I'm going to try my best ^_^
        Apr 29, 2015
      3. AD impish john
        AD impish john
        I wanted to ask you when the New Round of Pratice Team Rating starts can you give me a link if so thnx ^_^
        Apr 29, 2015
    18. -gizmo-
      TTGL ;o
      And nice mods :o Teach me 2 be popular 2
    19. Analytic
      Thank you so much for rating my team :D
    20. -Clone-
      1. Trinitrotoluene

        also, your black and blue dividers hurt my eyes. maybe consider remaking them with slightly softer colors?
        Apr 27, 2015
      2. -Clone-
        Oh do they? Guess I can change them then.

        Thanks tho =]
        Apr 27, 2015
    21. GeeMick
      do you need teambuilders in the teambuilding shop ?
    22. Superpowerdude
      I swear I have waited about 3 years for you to get rmt mods congrats! n_n
      1. Trinitrotoluene
        thanks superpowerdude n_n

        that being said, i really do admire how you haven't gone back to revert your firebot mystery box!
        Apr 26, 2015
      2. Superpowerdude
        I did but it wasn't seen I guess and that was over a moth ago and I haven't tried chasing up on it since haha I don't use the forums much now mainly just on showdown in the little cup room
        Apr 26, 2015
    23. Mudvayne
      late congrats tnt, i also like your new avi
    24. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      Hey, an account on Showdown doesn't have to be online for you to demote it from a room rank lol just /roomdeauth username
      1. Trinitrotoluene
        ah, thanks for letting me know :]
        Apr 24, 2015
      2. Goddess Briyella
        Apr 24, 2015
    25. Kingler12345
      not sure if i congratulated but grats, also cute avy :3
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    @246_tritone muffler - waves breaking - mermaids / waves breaking 246_Tritone
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    Sep 15, 1995 (Age: 19)
    ☆彡 τʜε sʜοοτιηɢ sταʀ ᴘʀοᴊεᴄτ ☆彡
    competitive tutoring room co-owner | rmt forum mod
    Real Name:
    mono hiro saccharide
    Favorite Pokémon:
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    Likes to thrash about
    3DS Friend Code:
    it's time i made a proper introduction for myself, and this time, i won't just make a snarky one-line and leave it at that.

    about myself: hi all. i am a team rater alumnus, badged b101 tutor, and current leader of smogon's rating practice teams project! check out my activity status levels below the dotted line!

    non-smogon info: i like reading various manga and watching various anime. as of now, i am catching up on the prince of tennis (with plans to watch shin prince of tennis afterward) and keeping up with one-punch man, bleach, one piece, & toriko. regarding my tastes in music, i like drum and bass more than any other subgenre of edm. my favorite labels as of now are hospital records (and their sister label, med school music), ram records, metalheadz, good looking, signature records, and critical music. my favorite dnb artists are etherwood, bachelors of science, b-complex, calibre, enei, klute, lenzman, ltj bukem, and s.p.y. i usually will have a dnb track in my sig, so there's something to look for!


    activity statuses:

    practice teams: we're back, and this time, i'm in charge of the project!

    pokemon showdown!: i am a global moderator and one of the co-owners of the competitive tutoring room. read the room rules so you don't get into trouble, and remember to use pastebin / hastebin if you want your team rated! please don't derail serious chat w/ theorymonning, and please read the roomintro.

    team rating: vm / pm me team rating requests. i'm active again! i also mod the rmt forum!

    if you have questions regarding team rating, send them to me and i'll answer them in due time.

    mentor: i'm somewhat active in this program as well. if you have questions about smogon's community, ask me and i'll answer them to the best of my ability. r.i.p

    battling 101: my current tutees for r95 are jpw234 and Kreme.

    pokemon x/y research: these are my research mons. please post any in-game information you may have on them in the appropriate research threads. this project is done; don't bother me about this anymore.

    the smog: hey, you can read my article for issue #37 here!

    contributions and corrections: inactive. i will poke around and comment on your content and prose when requested (and i'll do so anyways if the pokemon analysis intrigues me enough), but i am not a qc / gp team member.

    overused: i maintain the oras ou speed tiers thread and host a team building workshop with rob., theender, am, halcyon., bluwing, archphantom, scotti, vertex, brokenwings, and m00n's blanket. r.i.p. in piss victory road

    congregation of the masses: my comments here tend to stay within the confines of the bleach, one piece, naruto, history's strongest disciple kenichi, mario kart 8, super smash bros. 4, and electronic dance music threads.

    pokémon x: my in-game name is Rebecca. my fc is above this box. for the lazy (read: you), my fc is 0173-1523-3949. if you want to battle me in-game, know that i will use legal hacks (i.e. pokemon w/ legal move combinations created using a third party tool) since i have no time to rng / breed certain difficult-to-get pokemon.

    pokémon omega ruby: my in-game name is Scarlett. my fc and battling caveat remain the same as in pokémon x.

    mario kart 8 / super smash bros. for wii u: my nintendo network id is 246_Tritone, so if you want to friend me there and possibly butt some heads in a kart race / smashfest, send me a request (and let me know on forums / twitter / ps! if you have done so).

    twitter: i am an official member of the smogon twitter team! follow me @246_tritone to see links to relevant posts / threads in ou and rmt, as well as other random stuff that comes to my mind. this is my personal twitter account after all :]

    yea, i think i covered all of my bases here. have a nice day.
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