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Aug 4, 2017
Dec 25, 2011
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Aug 4, 2017
    1. New World Order
      New World Order
      lol I'm technically still here, but I don't play/go on IRC anymore.
    2. dragonboy52
    3. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Yeah sure, I'll be on IRC in a bit. And yeah Torterra is definitely underrated; I'm thinking the CCAT might actually be cool this time.
    4. Harsha
      thanks TF ;)
    5. ShortsTheory
      lol, you write for serebi.net too? Or is it some imposter who writes POTW? iirc BlueHarvest got banned from smogon. lol.
    6. Pokémon Trainer R
      Pokémon Trainer R
      And this Xatu's function as a counter to the Shell Smash + Baton Pass strategy is also incredibly simple to understand. Since Xatu is immune to Spore, it can easily switch into Smeargle without fear of anything. If Smeargle Spores Xatu on the switch, then it puts itself to sleep, which is excellent. If it Shell Smashes on the switch, Xatu just uses Haze on the turn Smeargle Baton Passes its stat boosts to another Pokémon, nullifying those boosts on that turn and therefore effectively countering the Shell Smash + Baton Pass strategy. This is notable because it is the one and only 100% SmashPass counter in existence - even Yawn Espeon is not a guaranteed counter, as Smeargle could use Shell Smash as Espeon switches in, and then use Substitute on the following turn when Espeon uses Yawn. And while Imposter Ditto is famed as the one responsible for the death of SmashPass in DW Ubers, it is by definition not a counter, but rather a revenge-killer.
    7. Pokémon Trainer R
      Pokémon Trainer R
      But even without the help of a demonstration, I believe that understanding how it works is simple - just switch it in whenever the opponent has a Ferrothorn or a defensive Groudon out. Xatu is immune to Thunder Wave, reflects Stealth Rock and Spikes, takes very little damage from Groudon's Dragon Tail and Ferrothorn's Power Whip, and with Roost, it can easily stall out Groudon's Stone Edges and Ferrothorn's Gyro Balls. At the same time, the Xatu can easily wear down the opponent's Ferrothorn or Groudon with Night Shade (and Toxic too in the case of Groudon). It's basically there to prevent Groudon and Ferrothorn, as well as possibly other Pokémon like Deoxys-D and Deoxys-S from setting up entry hazards or crippling the members of one's team with status moves like Thunder Wave, as it can stall and wall them almost indefinitely.
    8. Pokémon Trainer R
      Pokémon Trainer R
      I see.

      Unfortunately, I don't have any logs of Wisemon in action, as all of my battles using Egyptian Ruins, the team containing that Pokémon are saved on a different computer, which I no longer have access to.
    9. Raseri
      thanks trollfreak. Ill find you on irc in a few days
    10. Jets
      get on irc
    11. Adamant Zoroark
      Adamant Zoroark
      Yeah, I've got a Black 2 ROM you can use. Also, yeah a battle would be cool.
    12. Raseri
      TrollFreak would you be able to help me with writing my Sawk analysis? My english skills arent great but I want to put stuff through QC but I need to find someone to write it up afterwards, are you interested?
    13. IceCarAdler
      Thanks much!
      No, I don't need it for YT, I'm just trying to gather logs so I have a tournament record.
    14. Pokémon Trainer R
      Pokémon Trainer R
      I clearly explained how that set works here. And what do you mean by what Furry said?
    15. RitterCat
      i am your stamp whore
      I DID IT
    16. Stormfront
      I apologize but I must withdraw.

      Take the win, things have come up suddenly.
    17. Furai
      but no because I can't
    18. Mafeking
      Nah, I could never really get into the fantasy sports scene :(

      Which is a shame because it's really interesting to hear about but I would make a terrible team manager XD
    19. Mafeking
      hahaha, baseball's an awesome sport

      I haven't followed Dickey's Mets career much tbh, I know him more from when he was with the Texas Rangers (2001-2006) but I saw your avatar and immediately recognized him XD
    20. Mafeking
      oh man when did you change your avatar to Dickey and how did I not notice it before
    21. Ray Jay
      Ray Jay
      blarajan isn't the person to tell that to, lol. but anyways I'll unlock it for you.
    22. Marshall.Law
    23. Furai
      No I did not ):<
    24. Furai
    25. sandshrewz
      LOL! okay~! I'm gonna trash db52 (:< hehe
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