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Last Activity:
Jan 13, 2015
Jun 7, 2011
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The only thing I look up to is the sky

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dragonuser was last seen:
Jan 13, 2015
    1. tcr
    2. GaryTheGengar
      been gone far too long come back =/
    3. PDC
      stay up varum
    4. GaryTheGengar
      ugh rip this guy was the next bloo,,
    5. Harsha
      happy birthday negroid
    6. LizardMan
      look at this guy
      1. dragonuser
        lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :]
        Nov 24, 2014
    7. Klobb
      oh hey, you're the guy that wanted my joke trapper team right? I was wrong and I actually had heard of you. Did you receive my team or do you not care anymore lol.
    8. bb skarm
    9. Rodo
      I need some help breeding dragons... Can you give me some tips and tricks??? i am aiming at the ou torunament!
    10. Dasdardly
    11. Harsha
      the only thing you look up to is my giant phallus hovering above your head

    12. Sinclair
      yo were fightin for pocl wanna fight this weekend? Smog OU?
    13. KratosMana
      yo we gotta fite for pocl, u prolly already know i'm gmt-3 from now haha, btw are you up to playing smogon OU?
      O and sunday would be a perfect day for me
      1. dragonuser
        sunday is perfect for me as well

        smogon ou sounds good
        Aug 29, 2014
      2. dragonuser
        sunday night*
        Aug 29, 2014
      3. KratosMana
        alright sunday night with smogon ou it is then.
        Aug 29, 2014
    14. BKC
      [08:30 pm] <&LizardMan> i trolled for a few hours
      [08:30 pm] <&LizardMan> a rly good troll
      [08:30 pm] <&LizardMan> i targeted webcam girls
      [08:30 pm] <&LizardMan> and got them to show me tits
      [08:30 pm] <&LizardMan> for free
      1. dragonuser
        ugh look at what college is making me miss,,,,,
        Aug 29, 2014
    15. Jirachee
      ey dragonuser buddy when do we play for pocl
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Jirachee
        uh are you still my opp? last I check you got subbed out but if you want back in that's good for me. Also I'd like a little later if possible, my schedule has been crazy lately x_x
        Aug 23, 2014
      3. dragonuser
        oh did i get subbed? first week of college so activity has been dead so fair enough

        just lmk if we need to fight
        Aug 23, 2014
      4. Jirachee
        yeah RockyRd was subbed in yesterday

        also I hope all is well for you, the first few weeks in college were the most fun for me last year, you should enjoy them :)
        Aug 23, 2014
    16. Ken Valbrandur
      Ken Valbrandur
      hey, we are paired for lc open r1, i'm gmt -5
      I hope we could play soon, have fun!
      1. dragonuser
        im est and can make most times since im still on summer break

        altho i am going to mexico for a week on saturday so we will need to schedule a time.
        Aug 8, 2014
      2. Ken Valbrandur
        Ken Valbrandur
        we can play today or tomorrow anytime if you want to :) I can play anytime
        Aug 8, 2014
    17. Omfuga
      Hi you got subbed in as my opponent for UU open Im GMT -4 I hang around the IRC channels #neverused #xyUU and #rarelyused hope to play you! gl have fun
    18. Breloom2088
      So overall, that's why I believe that resttalk mega mawile shouldn't be a set(I don't believe this set has been used AT ALL in tours or World Cup so far( it probably won't see any usage at all)
      1. Jirachee
        jesus christ
        Aug 18, 2014
    19. Breloom2088
      Without any attack investment mega mawile's offensive presence decreases significantly so while that attack stat is kind of a niche your still losing out on around 200 attack points here
    20. Breloom2088
      Now that I think about it, other counters for breloom and terrakion have much more utility to offer(skarmory has defog and suicune has calm mind to potentially sweep for example) than mega mawile
    21. Breloom2088
      I shortened the list of counters to terrakion and breloom so I could post the post those posts because there are a LOT of counters to them
    22. Breloom2088
      Clefable can counter dragons AND stallbreak giving it much more utility(all mega mawile can do is attempt to use an unreliable form of recovery to 'counter' certain threats and one it mega evolves it loses intimidate) one thing that I forgot to mention(too be continued) is that although it may have seemed like I slacked off in the counter department for terrakion and breloom
    23. Breloom2088
      doesn't counter dragonite. Even if mega mawile did counter dragonite clefable would still be the superior choice. The reason for that is that if you need to put a good answer on your team to a specific poke you would choose the one that offers more to your team (too be continued)
    24. Breloom2088
      Mega mawile beats Cbb nite( the lack of attack investment means no eq 3hko). In your first post(on My profile page) you were talking about why use skarmory to counter d-nite when hippowdon counters d-nite. I just established that physically defensive mega mawile(too be continued)
    25. Breloom2088
      Mega Mawile doesn't counter dd nite either. If mega mawile switches into eq and dragonite eqs again it takes play rough with multiscale and koes with the next eq(if mega mawile uses rest on the second eq, d-nitd has a decent shot at winning). too be continued
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