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Mar 11, 2015
Sep 27, 2010
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Mar 11, 2015
    1. Fl4shFr33z3
      What's GOOD?! I wish I could get back into Pokemon, but that boat has set sail long time ago. I find myself watching Shofu's videos on youtube from time to time and then I end up here or on FriendCodes reminiscing. I miss the good old days lol
    2. Champloo
      Haha you ain't lyin.

      Ya I'm having the same issue with trying to find RSE Decoder...and besides I still can't figure it out so I guess I'm gonna give 5th Gen a go. Got lots of reading to do tonight lol
    3. Champloo
      I'm pretty much in the same boat. But I'm using Pokemon as something to keep me distracted that's FREE cause being a full time student leaves you kind of broke O_o...lol but I'm loving it though. Now I'm just greasin' up the old wheels in my head about RNG cause frankly I'm a bit lost again lol although I did manage to RNG my Emerald Starter as a shiny for a warm up lol
    4. Champloo
      Bro!!!!! I Know I've been GHOST for a while lol LIFE has been hectic lol what's up with you though?!?!
    5. Ryner
      R.I.P. turtlekid
    6. Fl4shFr33z3
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    7. TwistedHydra
      Look who I found. ^=^
    8. illtaketwenty
      Hello, umm.....yea...
    9. Fl4shFr33z3
      Woah, nice breed lol Still trying to get through this last week of school before I am completely free D:
    10. Fl4shFr33z3
      Um, mostly RNG breeds. A few capture projects that will hopefully expand :D I'm working my way through smogon's competitive pokedex atm. I have very little events, so I don't think that will be up there lol. Eventually, when I Ev train my pokes, I'll include a section for that.
    11. Defense
      A new year thread with Fl4sh? Good choice of partner :)
    12. Fl4shFr33z3
      You're a very smart guy :) Gives us plenty of time to get ready, plus it's a good idea for a shop.
    13. Champloo
      NP bro, anytime.
    14. Champloo
      I never advanced frames for Egg RNGing I always picked a seed/delay that gave me whatever my save frame was. It's probably the easiest way to do it =). Since you know how to use Pikatimer this should be a breeze. =) But if you do opt to advance the frame you'll have to use the Journal flips. But I recommend doing the first thing I mentioned first. Since you have to keep in mind your save frame COULD change and it'll be time consuming having to advance the frame to 25 everytime and then coming to find out you landed on 4, 5, or 7 rather then 6. Trust me it happens.
    15. Champloo
      On DPPt right?
    16. Fl4shFr33z3
      That's right so far. You enter the Ivs of the caught pokemon to find the seed. I believe it's the seed finder lol Then change the method to DPPt international and generate. Then search for your baby's IVs in the list. It will tell you what frame your on :) I g2g Maybe we can get this done tomorrow.
    17. Fl4shFr33z3
      Kk, we really need to get those IVs done D:
    18. Fl4shFr33z3
      D: That sucks. Tell me If you need any more rare candies lol
      What time do you usually go on FC or smogon?
    19. Fl4shFr33z3
      -w- everybody can do that jkjk
      Did you attempt to determine the egg's IVs from yesterday?
    20. Fl4shFr33z3
      Yellow, pretty good thank you. hbu?
    21. Fl4shFr33z3
    22. Fl4shFr33z3
      Soooo, what's up? :o
    23. Fl4shFr33z3
    24. Defense
      I'm unable to RNG yet xD, but I'm on hell of a good Ev'er IMO. :)
      I have around 100 pokemon left to EV...I know right?
      As soon as i get an AR for cloning, I'll have a thead here :D
      Good Luck man :)
    25. Fl4shFr33z3
      Dual Threads? Hehe you devious fellow xD That sounds like a good idea. I still gotta work on my RNG projects. And I'll also help you with your IVs SOON. Once things settle down a bit we can get this thing running!
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