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Oct 30, 2017
May 21, 2010
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Jul 3, 1985 (Age: 32)
A paper bag


32, from A paper bag

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Oct 30, 2017
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    3. BattleStar
      Happy birthday!
    4. Darkaxis
      Happy Birthday
    5. NixHex
      Hey, could you possibly clean up your attitude? That's two posts in a span of 12 hours that have pissed me off because of their negativity... i dont remember being that negative when i was 16, much less now. I cant infract you in those forums but I'm not afraid to go to a super mod. Thanks.
    6. Jellicent
      They're probably a bit tougher when not everything on his team has hit 60 yet, but yeah, those are good spots once he levels a bit more.
    7. Cassie
      oh oops. Thanks for pointing it out haha.
    8. Layell
      Its hard to call a 1919 resolution that founded Canadian identity as the annals of history. Considering the US Constitution signed in 1787. You may not know this but that was actually a part of creating a separate Canadian identity, so it was important that Conrad Black not receive the title.
    9. badabing
      I'll be on in like an hour if u can then
    10. badabing
      im gmt-5 and can be on whenever. i'll be on around 4 pm tmrw for another tourney and we can play then if u want
    11. RitterCat
      Wait people took my follow-up article comment as serious?
      Thanks for the praise, it makes me think of actually doing that article now :)
      And yeah, collab could sound cool, I'll think about it :) thanks for the offer
    12. Phadunk
      As long as it isn't who I thought it was, all is good. Thanks for replying back. Guess that outfit and bedspread is a popular one. Heh.
    13. Phadunk
      Who is your avatar? I feel like she might be a close friend of mine. Completely serious.
    14. ITSU
      Hey, we're paired up for the tutee tournament. Just MSG me when your on. I should be on often this weekend, and I'm usually on PO main server [Not smogon] as ITSU or [TEST]ITSU.
    15. idiotfrommars
      Ok, I'm really busy this weekend so I don't think that would work at all, but I should be free on Monday or Wednesday.
    16. NastyGoldyloxx
      Oh yeah, just remember to confirm in the main thread.
    17. NastyGoldyloxx
      True, if you know of any, feel free to ask around. I'm sure it would help us. I'll see if I can find any. I'm usually around 1300 on the OU ladder, but Uber will be a whole new challenge. I'll probably do some testing on the ladder in the meantime for some experience.
    18. NastyGoldyloxx
      Do you want to join forces with me for the Ubers tour?
    19. vonFiedler
      I find it amusing that you mention an inability to play a game where you have to predict people when you play Pokemon.

      One autist to another, part of being less socially awkward is not going around telling people that you can't socialize due to autism.
    20. christos21
      To find me you should just be online here as i am not online on Pokemon Online all day long.Anyway,let's get this done.I'm on the Smogon Server.
    21. christos21
      Do you think that i was able to battle at 2am ? We have a 7 hours time difference and that's not suitable at all but we have to get this done.I also had classes all summer but never complained about it.If you manage to get today i hour earlier than you did yesterday,i'll be able to battle with you(i can't battle tommorow and the day after since i'll be on a trip).
    22. christos21
      Would you like to tell me the hours you're usually online and the time zone you're in(in gmt please)?I have gmt +2
    23. christos21
      My name is christos21 there.You'd rather vm me than searching in PO since i can't be on there all day long.
    24. christos21
      When can you battle for the ''Who Needs Team Preview?'' Tournament?
    25. Fatecrashers
      lol TaiCrunch's gem was copypasta from best of craigslist
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    But I got wiped out with no saving grace at all!
    And then I'm told I don't have any talent?! Man...


    Jul 3, 1985 (Age: 32)
    A paper bag
    Real Name:
    Andrew Blechinger
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    My Characteristic:
    Hates to lose
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    1463 0125 2918
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    0389 8087 1922
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