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Feb 24, 2014
Jan 12, 2009
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Feb 24, 2014
    1. Th!nkPi
    2. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      needs moar warstories :3
    3. Vix
      I want to nominate the king of vexing warstory for the smog awards but I can't find it anywhere on site. Can you re-post it?
    4. Delko
      Let me know when you can battle, so we can get this done.
    5. Delko
      Hey, we need to play for the ST8, just PM me on PO when you see me on to get this done.
      Good luck ! ;)
    6. SlimMan

      Oh Vex, I'm so happy to see you again. How have you been, buddy? Where have you been?
    7. Donutdude
      I like the project new island
    8. Straw Hat
      Straw Hat
      hey vex, what happened to your king of vexing warstory? I cant get to it
    9. Darkaxis
      hello vexatious :D
    10. SlimMan
      Part 2 of 2

      I certainly understand that it's necessary to focus on real life, but at the same time I wish that you were more active (hint hint), as I quite enjoy interactions with you. You see, I don't get a car until the start of the next school year, so I see my friends much less than I would like. Regardless of the fact that I don't technically "know" you, it's still nice to be able to hang out with "cyber-friends" sometimes (oh gosh, I made it sound like I talk to you because I have nothing better to do; that is not the case).

    11. SlimMan
      Part 1 of 2 (it's too long too post in a single message)

      I see. I personally don't know what that tournament thing is (now I feel un-educated and ignorant D:), but it apparently seems pretty cool/fun, so I hope it goes well. If I remember correctly, your writing is also your major, right? Forgive me if I messed that up, as I longer have the PM from so long ago. In any case, good luck in your writing endeavors as well (speaking of which, weren't you gonna do a multi-part novel or something? I seem to remember you posting Smeargle's Studio at some point...).

      I'm fine, and really enjoying summer vacation. I've been worried about next school year, because I'm taking care of most of my course requirements next year, and not having much room for fun things. I recently met with my 5 year-old cousin, who is absolutely adorable. It's been a pretty simple life, really.
    12. SlimMan
      lol, almost all of these messages are about your amazing warstories.

      How's it going, Vex? I almost never see you around anymore, it's like you dropped off the face of the Earth.
    13. Astark
      Hey i'm Astark, i've read two of your warstories before i officially joined the forums & i loved them. Your signature Nidoking is totally boss.
    14. Maloman
      It would have turn out differently if I killed that gliscor with the fire blast.
    15. Maloman
      Yeah this team really hates stall.
    16. Maloman
      Nah I sucked bad. I just made the team.
    17. Maloman
      Man 1st time ive ever been 6-0
    18. Maloman
      Disconnect reconnect.
    19. Woodchuck
      "oh look it's that warstory guy" lol
    20. Zuzu
      Just curious, will you be writing anymore awesome Warstories? Their heaps awesome, and I'd love to read more ^_^.
    21. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      You should strongly consider a career in writing if you haven't already.
    22. StardustGD
      I just re-read all your warstories ^_^ I really can't wait till you make another!
    23. Zacchaeus
      In response to your post in Ballad's sad thread: Damn dude I can tell you write well just by reading that post. Please write things in the future like you did in that post, it wasn't even targeted towards me and it was oddly motivational
    24. BKC
      Posting to say thanks for coming up with the idea of that haxless server. You have no idea how many matches I've lost thanks to hax and it'll be great to have a server without having to worry about that bullshit.
    25. Chill
      I loved your warstory!
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