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Apr 20, 2013
Jul 3, 2009
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Apr 20, 2013
    1. labarith
      Gah! You need to get wifi! I can't imagine playing pokemon w/o wifi... how lonely it must be!

      Actually... you'll need it for when the GL goes online shortly!

      As for the thread - not necessary; the cloning I can do too! So if you can just find some wifi, we can do all sorts of business. Even if we don't end up trading, you still need to find a way to get wifi. :)
    2. labarith
    3. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      yeah its mainly her thats getting me lol
    4. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      ah i see. ive tried C-Gear abuse there twice and i never noticed they moved lol
    5. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      wow thats alot of great breeds lol. did the moving NPC's mess you up?
    6. Canelo351
      compadre, bring the ludicolos
      and I bring the tequila, ay ay ay ayayyaya
    7. ArcDeus
    8. ArcDeus
      I only made my way to Round 3, and lost to a Spanish man (I'm not so nationalist, but still, it's irritating that people come in other countries to increase their chances of qualification). Besides, his victory resulted from a miss with my Palkia's Spacial Rend.

      A lot of frustration, but I have a good feeling for this year ^^.
    9. ArcDeus
      Well, my only success in 5th gen so far is a Wargle, the other "flawless" pokes I RNG'd being crap (Adamant Woobat for the win !... or not).
      Will be trying Reshiram and Egg abuse soon ^^.
      And will try my best to qualify for the Worlds this year !
    10. Alternative
      First, congrats on the new RNG.
      Secondly, you would need your SID for that right? Would you be able to redirect me to whoever helped you with getting yours?
    11. Canelo351
      I have three deer-like friends from events
      But why use the word retarded as an insult?
      You may use them in the pkathelonononon :)
      If you'd like.
    12. Osostewie
      every pokemon that you had i was like man i have always wanted to make that set and ya it was pretty fun
    13. Osostewie
      gg??? you kicked my ass lol
    14. Bowser
      I am sorry I think that my connection just spazed out lol
    15. Wally92
      well i guess i concentrated more on the fact that its a hail based team and try to hax the foe with thunderwave from frosslass and then see if the rest could sweep a few pokemon.
    16. Bowser
      good luck have fun
    17. Wally92
      thanks but battles are battles and i suffered the consequences for not expecting much. :) thanks though.
    18. Wally92
      of course. gg for you lol
    19. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      Thanks for your input! This is in line with what I've found and posted in the RNG research thread here.
    20. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      Hi volch, I'm wondering - do you still happen to have a lot of your rejected Munchlax? I'm curious about the nature/ability combinations the Pokewalker has generated for Munchlax, and the more data I can get, the better! Any information would be much appreciated!
    21. locoghoul
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    HG FC: 5414 3912 9876

    Battle rules:
    OU: DT/OHKO/Sleep/SelfKO/Item('cept lefties)
    I'd prefer if you didn't use legal hacks, but I'd rather just play instead of being a nitpicker.
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