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Jun 4, 2012
Jun 2, 2010
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Jun 4, 2012
    1. V4Victini
    2. labarith
      Good luck w/ your thread!
    3. IceArceus12
      Hey, Are you still up for that GA Trade?
    4. Captains
      Can I pick up my Bannette soon? :)
    5. evan0913
      Hi Waltz :) How are you lately :3
      I was wondering if you had the Metang ready by anychance? No rush, just checking :D
    6. IceArceus12
      Hey Waltz! Contact me to arrange a trading time...
    7. evan0913
      Hi Waltz :D
      I would like these Nicknames:

      Venusaur: Fushigibana
      Garchomp: Gaburias
      Bronzong: Dohtakun

      No nickname of the other :3 Thanks so much for this :D
    8. Captains
      Im shifting my pokes to 5th Gen, can we trade after? my Rayquaza + Skarmory for Lv.100 EVd TR Reunclius + Frosslass + can I get the Banette?
    9. IceArceus12
      Missed you again! >.< I'll see if you're on later...
    10. Thatsjustpeachy
      Ah i see, imo the bannette>sableye(i just really love bannette) especially if its caught in a dream world ball but i wont be picky. Is it possible to trade for the bannette then? If so cmt or i can do a 5th gen BP. As for my poke for semi redist right id like to have hydreigon if that is ok
    11. Auron87
      So I guess I have to pick 2? If that is the case I'll take Drapion and Sharpedo.
    12. TalkingLion
      I should be on in a couple hours, so that time can work for me. Just message me when you're ready to trade.
    13. IceArceus12
      Sorry, I missed just you this afternoon - atm I don't have wifi access. I will try and catch you at the same time tomorrow you VM'd me today. (3pm GMT)
    14. evan0913
      Great :D I'll post in your thread again once I get up :)
      Of course you can have both, your the one being so generous with the freebies (how cool is the Mightyena? :D)
      Signing off for now, talk to you again soon. (Oh and I apologize for VMing you when I should have posted in your thread. Its just so late and I'm getting confused with all these thread... lol)
    15. evan0913
      Yeah, np on deoxys (did you want bold or calm? actually I can give you both) and Lugia :D Was there others you like by any chance? Cos there are other wonderful pokes in your thread I love, just didn't want to scare you with a long first post xD
      Also are you able to clone back for me by any chance? If not I would need to get a friend to help me clone first, he uses AR to clone, are you okay with that?
      Cheers :3

      Edit: I gotta get to bed, its almost 5am here in Sydney :'D I'll talk to you more about this tomorrow :3 Good night
    16. Hozu
      I have to head out for an hour or two. Can we try again later?
    17. Hozu
      Well I have the FC in as you put it... uh... idk. :/
    18. Hozu
      No? Hold on, let me check the FC again.
    19. Hozu
      Ok. Waiting on WiFi.
    20. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      I'm availbe
    21. TalkingLion
      Hey I won the Eevee in your giveaway. I can trade now if you're ready. My FC is 0475-7427-7064
    22. Ninjawes
      :D Its a really cool idea!! :) Dont give Icearceus his pokemon....give them to me >:D I deserve them :'(
      lol jk
      OK! :D I cant trade not tho :(
    23. Hozu
      I can trade now if you would like. My FC is in my sig.
    24. Ninjawes
      Dang I almost got first prize >.> lol Oh well, VM me when your online so I can pick up dat pokeman up :)
    25. Captains
      I'll check, what gen can u trade??
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