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  • Just to be nitpicky but Mega Salamence has been the 4/5th most powerful uber mon behind P-groudon, M-Rayquaze, Xerneas and you can argue Mega-Gengar
    Ah, Xernas > Megamence? Good to know. I have to admit I'm not super duper familiar with the Ubers metagame. Needless to say the rest of the post still stands.
    Today marks the one year anniversery of the first replay I recorded with Scolipass. Golly what a year it has been...
    Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm dropping out of the suspect. I went on tilt and don't have enough time to restart.
    are you pro or anti ban? i honestly cant tell.
    Atm I am anti-ban. I spent most of the suspect pro ban but jpw's post a page or two back convinced me otherwise.

    That is right, you have witnessed someone changing their mind on the Internet.
    even though we disagree i appreciate your presence in the suspect thread. while i occasionally have posts i'm proud of, when i get caught up in poor arguments i find that the quality of my own posts go down. but you're providing a conversation and topic i enjoy having :]
    That means a lot to me. I have always striven to treat everyone with respect and to try my best to post meaningful and worthwhile arguments while on the internet. I hope that through my example, others will have a better time and maybe even learn from it.
    It's not even BP in general, I'm trying to redefine how we examine broken and potentially broken BP teams by looking for borked passers.
    So yeah... (not gonna clutter up the metagame thread with this) for some reason I thought Roar worked through Magic Bounce lol

    Was kinda confused about the replay until I did some research and found that out. Shadow Tag played a big part in that one too though haha
    Yeah, Shadow Tag is a very strong ability. I'm going to make a post about it soon.
    Yeah, I'm back. Sorry for being gone for so long. Gonna take some time to catch up real quick, will post soon.
    You're #40 on the ladder, right? Nice.
    Yeah, I almost hit top 10 (was literally 1 point away) but then I had to stop playing for a lil while because college move in. I'll prolly start playing again sometime tomorrow.
    Can u rate my ou team when you get the chance? I already posted it and looking for feedback. Thanks in advance.
    Yes, the point was that investing in HP before defenses on a Pokemon like Blissey is pointless unless you're trying to avoid a certain KO that can only be achieved with HP + Defense investment. In case you're curious, I'll post the calcs against a 4/252/252 Bold Blissey below.
    0 Atk Blissey Close Combat vs. 4 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 76-90 (11.6 - 13.8%)
    0 SpA Blissey Focus Blast vs. 4 HP / 252 SpD Blissey: 88-104 (13.4 - 15.9%)
    I didn't say that you had bad intentions, but talk about shitty and gimmicky sets almost always derails the thread, and i wanted to avoid this.
    Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. I will try to remember that. Have a nice day :)
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