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Jul 6, 2012
May 22, 2011
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    1. Gamein99
      I put this on your trade thread and i will do so here as well
      Bisharp | Bisharp ♀
      OT: JRank (?)[/URL] | ID: 09283
      Nature - Adamant
      Ability - Defiant
      31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
      Moves: Swords Dance - Iron Head - Brick Break - Suckerpunch
      Available Lv. 100 Trained.
      252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense
    2. macle
    3. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Hello There Operative,

      I am Artemus Moniz, Commander of the Smogon Secret Intelligence Service (SSIS). I am here to let you know that your activity level within our group is very minimal. We would love for you to become active within our agency again. We have many positions you can choose from such as Intel Agents if you like spying or Military Officers if you like battling. If you are really good at battling you can join the SSIS Elite Battle Team. Please, check into the SSIS and see what's new.

      Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    4. Dragon-Shinobi
      I've had your Slowpoke ready for a bit, still waiting for sharingan to clone my Ferro though :/
    5. ShinyAzelf
      Hi, are you going to finish the Mudkip LC analysis?
    6. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      “☢”, Alright sorry about that. I'll wait, you've been added to my pending list. I can give you a clone back if you need it.
    7. xzero105
      ah it ok i can wait just VM me when your ready :)
    8. xzero105
      hi wobb we still have pending trde right :) just vm when your ready
    9. Turtwig
      Before we start, make sure you have two Chatot with a recorded Chatter, and that your parent Pokemon are in the Day-Care. You might also want something with Fly and a Pokeball if you want to confirm you hit your timer0 (saves lots of frustration). Run around until there's an egg, go in front of the old guy, then save, turn off the game.

      So I'll lead you through the first few steps to start off.
      Set your DS date to 9/11/2010, and the time to 02:06:00. Once the DS clock hits 2:06:06, start the game.
      Once in game, immediately pick up your egg. Now fly to Victory Road, and catch a Pokemon.
      Double-click the spread in PPRNG to open it in Inspector. In the Frames tab, on the lower right box, hit Generate. The IVs of the Pokemon you just caught should match with whatever's on frame 14; if they don't, restart and hit your time again. Repeat until they match. This means you hit the right timer0.
      After that, hatch the egg.

      I'll tell you what's next once you've done that.
    10. Wobb
      i need to leave sorry for a few hours
    11. Turtwig
      Whenever you pick a new spread, tell me it. A screenshot of the new one would be nice, as well.
    12. Wobb
    13. Turtwig
      All right. One thing I noticed is that it looks like you don't have your SID entered at the top, which means you're not going to be able to get a shiny. What the program is probably doing right now is assuming your SID is 00000... and it probably isn't, so you'll need to find your SID before you continue.

      If you're using that spread, the date is 5/6/2010, and the time is 00:30:11. This is saying: to hit your spread, turn your date to 5/6/2010, and the time to 00:30:00. Once the DS clock hits 00:30:10, start the game. If your timer0 cooperated, you'll have hit your spread.
      After this, immediately pick up your egg (assuming you saved in front of him when he had an egg), and hatch it.

      Before I go on, you should do all of this so you don't get lost. If you have any questions on a step, ask me.
    14. Turtwig
      It has to give you a time for the spread. If you're breeding, and you've found a spread, it's like the first two columns (date and time).
      Can you give me a screenshot of your Egg Seed Searcher window?
    15. Wobb
      seed: FF31079CFB0B8607 time: what time? keys: none
    16. Turtwig
    17. Turtwig
      All right, I'll just need your seed, time, and keys then.
    18. Turtwig
      A couple questions first off, are you trying to catch something or breed something?
      Also, what's your seed, time, keys, and IV frame (if capturing something)?

      I'll be able to tell you exactly what to do with that information.
    19. Turtwig
      Hey, noticed you were looking for some help with PPRNG... if you still need it, I can answer some questions. :P I also use PPRNG
    20. Dracomaster
      Ok that in exchange for Ralts, since it's just 6 now, I can trade now if you can.

      Do you have the ralts?
    21. Dracomaster
      Sorry for the late reply, remembered your request now:

      6 Gyarados cloned = Ralts copy
      6 Bisharp cloned = 1 credit
      6 Druddigon cloned = 1 credit

      So I will have 2 credits in your thread for the future, is that ok? I can trade tomorrow afternoon.
    22. Dragon-Shinobi
      Oh ok thanks. You can hold on to them for now until we do our other trade.
    23. hipoke
      Lol, I'll try.
    24. Wobb
      yeah ill take them and find something to do with them maybe different sets?
    25. hipoke
      oh lol. I'll just release all of mine then. Should I still give you the rest?
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