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May 26, 2013
Apr 10, 2009
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Jul 22, 1983 (Age: 34)
Ohtori Academy


34, from Ohtori Academy

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May 26, 2013
      ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪
    2. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    3. Flora
      From my observation, those codes take some time to get created. It wasn't until some time that DPPt got theirs if I remember correctly.

      MM yeah, just googled. I only get regular black and white codes, no 2. You'll going to have to wait patiently for someone to make them!
    4. Flora
      oh yeah, bulbapedia is a good resource for japanese stuff. here is natures: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Natures

      you might be able to search that site for the other stuff you need too. if there's something you can't find, tell me and i'll try to find it lol.
    5. Flora
      mmm hold on. i know user jumpluff had a post containing japanese translation but it seems deleted for whatever reason. i used to have a nature list with japanese translations on a .pdf file but i deleted it (it might be around the internet though lol).

      i'm going to search the internet and see what i get.
    6. Flora
      ha just happened to be scrolling through Wi-Fi and noticed your name. hello! :D it's been far too long lol.
    7. CrownEntei
      Hey, I wonder if you didnt get my message?
    8. zero2exe
    9. zero2exe
      It is. but be aware that when you download those pokemon directly they get a premier ribbon attached, thus making them illegal (that's one of the catches I mentioned earlier). You'll need an additional program to get ribbonless pokemon form there
    10. zero2exe
      Sorry about that I forgot not everyone knows how to work around pokecheck >.<
      To make it simple, pokecheck is a fake gts server at which pokemon games can actually connect to with the given setup. This site stores files with the info of the pokemon that are uploaded to it and are available to be downloaded so you get a pokemon as soon as you try to enter the gts from your game.

      It's a bit troublesome to get the pokemon you want, since you got to overcome a couple of catches, but since Bond's Torchic is one of the most widespread pokemon ever most people will give it out for free :3 I'll trade you one myself if you still run into too much trouble finding one though but for now I don't have my DS at hand D:
    11. CrownEntei
      thats very kind, but you really dont have to do that.
      ill let you know, when i get a ds, so that we can trade.
    12. CrownEntei
      Np, were not machines, so we make mistakes :)
      Id prefer, if we could trade on fourth gen. I hope you didnt transfer him yet :)
      Also my ds is broken, so ill have to get one from a friend.
    13. CrownEntei
      The jirachi that i was interested in was arials jrachi (jolly).
    14. CrownEntei
      i just realized that jirachi doesnt know trick... did you give me the wrong one?
    15. CrownEntei
      Thank you too. they will :)
    16. CrownEntei
      ok just ask me then :)
    17. CrownEntei
      yes, i can clone for you, but i cant clone evnt pokemon.
      how about 10 clones
    18. CrownEntei
      oh ok, i really dont think it is.
      so, i want it, but dont have time to ev train... can i just give you a credit or sth.?
    19. CrownEntei
    20. CrownEntei
      do you know wether your uxie was rng abused?
      koolio's Uxie
      Impish Nature
      Moves: U-Turn, Yawn, Stealth Rock, Protect
    21. CrownEntei
      3 stats are passed from the parents to the baby. you can make sure that always one specific stat gets passed for sure.
      for haxorus you would pass atk hp and speed
      def and spdef would be random.
      did you get the shiny pokemon after all?
    22. CrownEntei
      its jolly and i dont rng, i always breed while watching tv shows and stuff, id feel like i totaly waste my time if i wasnt doing anythin while breeding.
      i still dont get what you mean by breeding it from scratch.
    23. CrownEntei
      im in the process of breeding for a haxorus, but it takes so long.
      the best ive got so far:
    24. CrownEntei
      Approximately 1:53 PM. LOL
      ill start now.
    25. CrownEntei
      ok then
      btw, what time is it where you live?
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    Jul 22, 1983 (Age: 34)
    Ohtori Academy
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    Strong willed
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