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Sep 10, 2012
Sep 3, 2010
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    1. zero2exe
      my god you've been through a lot then .___.
      Things are going ok over here. I'm not into my ds that much because of studies so my only pokemon hobby so far is the tcg since I always find some time to hang out with my buddies :P
      So what's your new job like? I'm curious :O also gratz on your sister's wedding gonig ok :P
    2. zero2exe
      You alive my lady? :3
    3. zero2exe
      They're ok but the english characters between american and Japanese version are slightly different since the later appear more spaced out between them and the patched version I'm using kinda hacked the english letters in their american form (which are closer together).

      I like Heal Ball, was a suggestion actually although more painful since Ditto doesn't like to stay in his ball ;_;

      Still it's cool since I got a new OT which spells "Zero" in Japanese now, and I can play the patched version without any problems as long as I don't catch anything while in english as it has an option to set the whole game back into japanese and then every pokemon is legal ;)
    4. zero2exe
      Caught it in a heal ball. sadly I screwed up in that save since I used non japanese characters for my OT so... pretty much everything I catch there is considered hacked now .__.

      So this means I'm going for my second BW2 run xP
    5. zero2exe
      Finally got my imposter Ditto with 31HP ^^
      Nature sucks but I don't care since it's for battles only :p
    6. zero2exe
      Just got it as an anticipated B-day gift, it's a bundle that included new sper mario bross Wii and DJ Hero although I'm thinking about renting a couple games before actually buying anything, but mario kart seems like a sure choice.

      Forget about #Pokemon all you need is #smogonwifi and you're good to go xP
      remember to edit your network to "irc.synirc.net/6667" and at channels just put #smogonwifi and you're in after registering your nick.

      Haven't been to the movies for a while, don't even know what's good to watch but I'll consider Batman when I'm bored :p
    7. zero2exe
      were you able to set it up?
    8. zero2exe
      Just finished my semester. And I got a Wii as a present, I'm sooo excited right now ^^
      how about you?
    9. zero2exe
      xuiiiiiiiii! :D!
    10. zero2exe
    11. zero2exe
      true that lol. Apparently only breeders do that though, it was believed to be a bug at first but it happened in the actual retail games as well.
    12. zero2exe
      although not everything was translated I think I got the main plot and it was really interesting. The only annoying thing in the game are the pokemon breeders since they randomly challenge you if they see you even if you beat them (good for grinding though but makes me use Fly a lot more)
    13. zero2exe
      Game beaten last night. Now to get all the extras yay :p
    14. zero2exe
      haven't finished the game yet but got to the first BW2 move tutor so yeah xP
    15. zero2exe
      you've been here all this time? o.O
    16. Mackenzie
      okay thanks again
    17. Mackenzie
      lol hopefully, since spring friendly was immediately after b/w release?
    18. Mackenzie
      Yeah no announcements yet, maybe spring friendly 2013? lol
    19. Mackenzie
      Thanks for the pointers Xui. I'm looking forward for the next tournament, albeit there would be new abilities and move tutors that would participate by then with the advent of b2/w2. The more preparation for rain teams i guess. :)
    20. zero2exe
      Maybe just maybe, still you got a point there, it also bugs me mewtwo didn't win either.
    21. zero2exe
      guess 4chan isn't what it used to be anymore then -_-
    22. zero2exe
      nicknames sound good although I'm pretty bad at making them up, but your suggestions would be kindly appreciatted as well *_*
      Well there's always IRC for random chat anyway lol
    23. zero2exe
      It's ok I don't really need redis rights on stuff, I'd rather trade my own stuff than other's :3
      Just having a collection of useful pokemon to build strategies around is enough for me and I'll happily tutor anything for you since you've been bearing with my random talks all this time :p
    24. zero2exe
      Not much. I passed 3 of 5 of my subjects at college already so I'm glad for that, only 3 more exams remaining until I'm free by next week's friday night. Now I'm checking what's new on the pokemon world since there still remains a couple of days before the next Hunter x Hunter episode gets subbed and uploaded :3
    25. Mackenzie
      sorry, was my profile set to private? :/
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