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Sep 24, 2012
Nov 14, 2011
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New York


from New York

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Sep 24, 2012
    1. soul_survivor
    2. Layell
      Welcome to smogcraft, please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!
    3. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      o/ Minecraft!
    4. Complications
      No problem. Ok, will do tomorrow.
    5. Complications
      I'll send you a friend request on PS3 and maybe we can play some Zombies? Do you have a mic?
    6. soul_survivor
      Well when I get mk7 and bust you because I bet you think you can still snake
    7. YoungVet
      i got the 3DS fo christmas ima be on dis 24/7
    8. soul_survivor
      Battling 202 round 4 started today, and is located at the sub-section of vgc. It'll help you in teambuilding and doubles stuff.
    9. InfiniteParalysis
      no nagga u a ghf
    10. InfiniteParalysis
      no it's not you just need to get used to it
    11. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Check the SSIS for your "Intelligence Weekly" job descripition.
    12. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Welcome to the SSIS! I hope you will be a very active and greatly involved member in our community. If you ever begin to get bored or wish to see something new happening in our Agency, just let me know or drop us an idea in our "Suggestion Box" thread.

      PS: Thank you for filling out the application. You have been chosen to be a Military Officer. If you have any objections please let me know.
    13. soul_survivor
      K im too lazy to click pm so here it is:

      1. You can post anywhere. Nothings restricting you
      2. How about starting at the VGC forums. Some people posted there warstories which are enjoyable. There was a guy who used pikachu+butterfree leads, and went 4-3. Then theres actual vgc discussions, and well if you have a question, theres a Simplequestions thread there
      3. Build your team, test it. Ill test it, and ill tell you some amazing smogoneers.
      4.You'll find out who was who at vgc just by staying on the vgc subforum, and well choppa kinda posted saying he gt 1st seniors, and his user was well driftblim. put 2 and 2 together XD.
    14. InfiniteParalysis
      sup patt it's craig
    15. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Hello there,

      My name is Artemus Moniz, I would like to formally welcome you to Smogon University! I am the leader of a group here called the 'Smogon Secret Intelligence Service' or the 'SSIS'. Our purpose is to investigate and acquire intelligence on hostile organizations and groups in Smogon and to keep general peace between groups, but we aren’t all about business we have a lot of fun activities for you to participate in too.

      If you enjoy doing Pokemon Online, team building, creating moves-sets, studying pokémon, spying, being a leader... even if you're only a good writer or motivational speaker there is place for you at the SSIS. If you wish to accept my invitation to our Agency, you must fill in an application form when you get access to the group. I hope to see you around and hopefully I'll see you in the SSIS Community!

      Join the Smogon Secret Intelligence Service Today!

      -Cmdr. A. Moniz
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    New York
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    A little quick tempered
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