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  • cod is on all the systems though

    so like sports online games? there's basically shooters and sports games hehe
    oh for some reason I thought you were!

    still not getting it (and not just because I'm broke)
    so you'd rather cheer for the team that cost yours a ring? talk about the ultimate judas....
    the level of salt is so high that you start rooting for the heat of all teams....damn i dont know what to say

    also for the record youve been wrong in your predictions about the spurs opponents every round ;)
    yea no kidding. i dont care if they games take longer, i want it done right dammit
    vulnerable position -___-

    soft ass nba nigga thats a playoff foul to prevent an easy basket, fuck this new nba
    seriously did you see tony allen on that? holding his head like he got hit by a truck, they show the replay and his head never hit the ground. van gundy even called him out on that. bogus shit.
    lol stfu, bogus flagrant call on the flop by tony allen is the only reason this went to OT at all
    from MMQB:

    Good Luck Mike Smith With Roll Call Dept.:
    The Atlanta Falcons do not have a John or George or David or Chris or Daniel or Mark -- six of the 20 most common male names in the United States, according to the 2000 Census -- on their current 90-man roster.

    They do, however, have players with these first names: Malliciah, Kroy, Shann, Kemal, Joplo, Stansly, Micanor, Saeed, Terren, Levine, Jacquizz, Roddy and Peria.

    They don't have a Phillip or a Keith, but they have a Phillipkeith.

    neck and neck nigga they lost the last 4 games by being outplayed in convincing fashion
    FINALLY these niggas are out, now i can put those memories of them coming back from 2-0 last season to rest
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