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Jun 9, 2013
Apr 30, 2013
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Jun 9, 2013
    1. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      Tai only wanted to discredit WPM, for no reason at all. He just felt like it, this is why he's an asshole. MageLeif isn't "releasing" anything new because he wasn't even the source, nor is he friends with them as I thought at first; WPM's source posted his findings in some random forum then deleted them afterwards, but people like MageLeif saw it and started posting elsewhere as if they were "in touch" with the true source.

      This is why WPM said just yesterday that we'll get the Kanto starters (like MageLeif knew) from a Professor called Sycamore (which is brand new info from the source). This way, he's going to prove how everyone else is just a bunch of phonies, and only he is in touch with the source.
    2. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      Yes, but the rumor credibility discussion by itself was off-topic; only confirmed info should be discussed, after all.

      I also found out that was all a troll; WPM's source is the same as that MageLeif dude; what made everything confusing was that the source started telling MageLeif of his findings while beta testing, and then Mage went to post them in his own forum. Tai Le Ree is a friend of Mage and was the one to post the leaks on GameFaqs; the source got the starters's types mixed up (he said it's Grass/Fighting and Water/Dark, but it's the other way around) and told WPM of the mistake a couple hours ago. Tai, however, managed to fool everyone on 4chan saying that HE said the wrong typings first only to trollbait WPM or anyone else who tried to claim those leaks as their own. He was lying, however, as it was WPM who first posted about the error.

      tl;dr: WPM and his source are still legit. MageLeif might not post anything new, though. And Tai is an asshole.
    3. Jellicent
      It's right here :P
    4. R_N
    5. TDK
      I won't admit because I see why it's a 12 point infraction.

      Colt said he made an account and it wouldn't work. Couldn't check profiles, post, anything.
    6. TDK
    7. TDK
      They have it as ten because most of the time, like in your case, the account was only used while your main one was banned.
    8. TDK
    9. TDK
      For being stupid. Just because there aren't any censors doesn't mean you can curse people out, lol
    10. TDK
      Dumbass. lol
    11. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Welcome to BALD
      let me know if you need anything
      do you want to battle?
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