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Nov 11, 2014
Oct 11, 2010
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Nov 11, 2014
    1. CyberOdin
      remedy does not want me to play
    2. Marshall.Law
      Oui oui je suis souvent sur FS !
    3. CyberOdin
    4. Nas
      Hey so deadline is in a few days, wanna tell me when you can play
    5. Nas
      We're paired for the DPP UU tournament, I'm GMT-7 and can play anytime after 5:00pm this week, let me know what times work for you.
    6. Sweepage
      das my boy..
    7. Sweepage
      rexenator where you been you need to sign up for World cup! no play offs this time.. We gon get it.
    8. Demist
      Hi, we are paired in DPP UU tournament. I'm GMT+2 and I'm usually available from 9PM to 1AM. What time zone are you i and what times fit you the most? ^^
    9. Leftiez
      Zedd tu peux venir sur l'irc #afrabs c'est important
    10. Smith
      Actually we're not going so today works great.
    11. Smith
      I may be going to a friend's house to work on a school project then, but I'm not sure if I am and what time I would be going. I'll be able to let you know tomorrow. I'm good for the rest of the day but I suspect you're offline for the night. Tuesday and Wednesday evening are pretty wide open for me though.
    12. Smith
      Yo the deadline is quickly approaching, when do you want to battle?
    13. Smith
      Just so you know, my team is ready and submitted. No huge rush, but remember the April 3 deadline.
    14. Smith
      Yo we have to battle for the smogon vgc tournament. My main conflicts are going to be any Thursdays and Sunday during the day, and for a couple more weeks Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Basically, though, since the deadline is so long, if I'm on IRC on #nuggetbridge as Smith_ or on PS (nugget bridge server) as This Charming Alt, you can just find me and shoot me a PM.
    15. Nova
      nvm sorry, wrong person
    16. Nova
      hey we're opps for chess. Im GMT -4 and I'm on IRC all the time so thats the easiest place to find me. When's a good time for you to play
    17. Anno nyme
      Anno nyme
      Grâce à un changement de pairings, on doit jouer pour le Smogon Chess tounament.
      Je suis là de 10h à 19h heure française jusqu'à dimanche.
      Tu peux jouer quand ?
    18. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      come to our IRC more often or I will f*ck you up >:|
    19. theangryscientist
      you missed the entire time i was available

      how about you just tell me when you're able to play
    20. theangryscientist
      I should be available for most of tomorrow, from about 9 am to 3 pm my time, which is GMT -6
    21. elodin
      Hey, when do you want to battle for the FUK Ferro Tournament? I'm free most days bar mondays and wednesdays.
    22. michael209
      i'm available almost whenever. hit me up when you want to play
    23. lily
      Yeah defiently. I am on groudons grotto
    24. lily
      11am/10pm for tonight/tomorrow?
    25. lily
      Yeah that sounds good. we'll do that tomorrow.
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