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    1. Luigi.
      idk if endless battle clause is supposed to apply to oldgens, but if so it's possible to have endless battles in rby quite easily
    2. Yoshizilla315
      Zarel, you should make a post called "Create a Pokemon Game Challenge" You have to create a Pokemon game with a central theme, location, and have gym leaders and elite four. You also have to draw or describe the map. You can only use Pokemon that are legal as well.
    3. Earth
      hi, will we be able to use old gens trainers sprite anytime soon?
    4. Watchog
      hi, is there a reason why sometimes one of my mons looks like its on top of the other, and how can I fix this? Its somewhat difficult to battle with
      1. Camilas
        yes that is when you skip the turns too much.
        Jun 19, 2016
    5. hugeturnip
      Hey, don't know if this is addressed and I don't know who to contact about this, but can you please add a filter in the teambuilder on PS for priority moves? (Like how there's already physical, special, and status) Thank you.
    6. imlights
      I was wondering what the policy on using advertisements on privately owned showdown servers was. I wanted to use ads (that users may choose to opt out of) to assist with VPS costs, is this something I would be able to look into doing?

      I was told to ask you specifically.
    7. jpdm
      Excuse me, but I was hoping that you could help me with a technical issue with the pokemon showdown servers. When i go to log in, a message that says, "This server is requesting an invalid login key. This probably means that either you are not connected to a server, or the server is set up incorrectly." shows up. I would appreciate it if you could help me figure this out.
    8. Relaxed Dedenne
      Relaxed Dedenne
      Sir, We need to rename the Happy place either, The Dopey Place, or Lobby 2.0. Its gotten alot worse during the years and all the good people (The Little that they are) need your help, For evidence look at logs mate'
    9. NixHex
      Just so I don't turn the 48th thread into a cathy hate fest ... people actually liked the pixel experiment? I loved it but I seem to remember a PR disaster that resulted in a near immediate switch back to percent.
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      2. Zarel
      3. NixHex
        Wait wtf? Man my memory is foggy.
        May 14, 2016
      4. NixHex
        That thread is a nightmare. Also like 80% of the posts were against he change :-p
        May 14, 2016
    10. davidTheMaster
      Hi Zarel please check your pm oo
    11. Khaytra
      Sorry if there's an obvious problem with this, but:
      Regarding the 48ths/100s topic in PR, couldn't there be a compromise where you can choose which to see in a battle? As I understand it, there is no mechanical difference; it's rather a visual/display issue. We can't show both because that's too much information, so that's off the table. But what if there were a setting (c)
      1. Khaytra
        (c) where you could mark "Use real 48ths to display HP" or "Use estimated %s to show HP" in the settings menu and when a battle is created the text is based on whatever the setting is at the time, like whether or not the battle is displayed using the optional BW sprites? That way, both sides can whichever display they're comfortable with. You said you were open to compromise for convenience, so might this be it?
        May 13, 2016
    12. Legofigure11
      Hey Zarel did you know that PS! can run (albeit not very well) in the N3DS Browser?
      1. Zarel
        May 10, 2016
    13. HereToHelpRBY
      check my pms when u come on, found lots of stuff that needs fixing / could do with improving w.r.t. old gens teambuilder
      1. Zarel
        I saw
        May 7, 2016
    14. Cheryl.
      Is there any way I can get an inactive alt on Showdown that I want because I want to change my name? If there isn't a way that is fine
      1. Zarel
        May 4, 2016
      2. Cheryl.
        Ah D:
        May 4, 2016
    15. 4012
      Ideally I think we’d calculate how much in-game time it takes to perform a move and subtract that from a newly implemented 1-hour battle timer on PS, in addition to the normal drain that happens when deciding which move to use. However I think that would require a ton of research, probably not feasible. Still I’m happy someone finally brought this up in PR, so TY for that!
    16. 4012
      Hey Zarel, I wanted to thank you.

      you've lobbied in PR for important things this generation, including "Separate tiering of mega pokémon," also you've seemingly supported non-pokémon bans (bothers me, too)

      Recently, you posted "Time/turn limit on games," long overdue.

      IMO, should be limited to LESS than 1 hr, as turns in-game happen slower than on simulator (“skip turn,” connection delays).

      TY again, PS FTW! :)
    17. Take Azelfie
      Take Azelfie
      You need to add Lemonade into the game so I may give my opponents Lemonade through Rotom Frost Tirck and we can all be friends :D
    18. Based Loser
      Based Loser
      Zarel, helppp. Idk why I'm lagging on PS. doooo something. please
    19. djanxo unchained
      djanxo unchained
      Yo I hadn't been in the PS! teambuilder in forever but I just went into it tonight and I love it so much
    20. Soku
      I need to be on PS for a VGC event. I have not lied to you. Ask people that know me I swear I'm not bull shitting. I'm very annoyed that all I have done is tried to help and this is how you repay me.
    21. Spoof
      Hello Sir! I want to claim an innactive alt on showdown as my own to match my username. Anyway I can do this?
      1. Zarel
        Apr 19, 2016
    22. MrMacho
      Zarel! My Man! I was wondering if you could reset my password? My account name is: MrMacho4 Thx!
      1. Zarel
        Apr 11, 2016
    23. trillyntruly
      Hey Zarel I was wondering if you could reset my PS password? I wasn't signed in and for some reason my pw doesn't seem to work. It's my main account and I've signed in hundreds of times so I know the pw but it won't work. my PS account is identical to my Smogon account: trillyntruly. i've even posted reqs in the past before so there should be no question it's my account. Thx!
      1. Zarel
        Apr 11, 2016
    24. Joshz
      Was a verdict ever reached on resetting ladders and /ranks?
      1. Zarel
        Not that I know of.
        Apr 11, 2016
      2. Joshz
        Oh, ty.
        Apr 11, 2016
    25. Karxrida
      I don't have PR access, so I wanted to mention that Defensive Starmie only avoids a 2HKO from STAB Foul Play with a minimum Attack IV. I don't think the value really matters otherwise for it because the damage is so minimal, so Rapid Spin should probably not count as a physical move.
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