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Feb 26, 2015 at 10:46 PM
Aug 16, 2011
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Not a Yuyuko fan, from Sailing the Seven Internets

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Feb 26, 2015 at 10:46 PM
    1. Demon InuYasha
      Demon InuYasha
      Hey Zeral I don't know whether you will reply or not but i was told that you are the staff member to talk to about earning the ability to use a custom sprite on pokemon showdown do i need to donate or do something else the admin said i had to ask you and then when you was free i had a chance to hear a way to earn one which i really want to
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      2. Demon InuYasha
        Demon InuYasha
        Alrite can you tell me how to qualify?
        Feb 26, 2015 at 1:16 PM
      3. Zarel
        Become a global driver or get a contributor credit.
        Feb 26, 2015 at 2:57 PM
      4. Demon InuYasha
        Demon InuYasha
        Alrite thanks for telling me
        Feb 26, 2015 at 3:00 PM
    2. Sorry 4 the wait 2
    3. bumbadadabum
      Hey zarel what is your favorite touhou game?
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      2. Zarel
        I like Soku more than other fighting games because bullets mean more in it. It's also fun in other ways. We have a private room for playing Soku in PS; I'm sure you know how to find it.
        Feb 23, 2015 at 11:23 PM
      3. bumbadadabum
        "The room 'iusedalltheserverspaceforlewdtouhouimages' does not exist." I'll figure it out.
        Feb 23, 2015 at 11:41 PM
      4. Aevon
        Tell me the room name?i also wna play
        Feb 26, 2015 at 5:19 AM
    4. swagilyph
      Hey I was wondering if there would be anyway I could get the ps alt "Joe"? It doesn't appear to be being used, at least not in the last year, and if that's true I'd really like to get a hold of it. If that's out of your hands or something you just don't care enough about then I understand. Just figured I'd ask. Thanks either way, man.
      1. Zarel
        Sorry, no.
        Feb 23, 2015 at 12:26 AM
      2. swagilyph
        Appreciate the reply.
        Feb 23, 2015 at 12:47 AM
    5. Sorry 4 the wait 2
      Sorry 4 the wait 2
      hey zarel, im wondering if you could take a look at my appeal, thanks in advance man and i hope youre doing well
    6. Steamroll
      When can I get my custom avatar back
      1. Zarel
        It's not my fault your avatar is associated with "Growlithe". :| I should be moving it back to "Steamroll", right?
        Feb 13, 2015
      2. Steamroll
        Yeah, I never got it back on either accounts since the server got that big reset.
        Feb 13, 2015
      3. Steamroll
        ilu bby
        Feb 13, 2015
    7. HamSandwich335
      Excuse me but I seem to be unable to log or enter any chat in Pokemon Showdown
      when I click join chat it keeps on saying loading and then lot's of advertisement come up I dunno what to even do :(
      1. Zarel
        You have a virus. Scan with Malwarebytes.
        Feb 12, 2015
    8. MasterzLegend
      Hey can you register my server?
      1. Zarel
        No, I don't handle server registrations.
        Feb 9, 2015
    9. Cornelly
      Togepi > Meloetta
      /me runs
      1. Ranbu No Melody
        Ranbu No Melody
        lets grab some popcorn here
        Feb 14, 2015
    10. Sammy-kun-sama
      Zarel. Antgeezy has said that if i pay you in cash, i will get a cool avatar for Showdown. Is this true or is geezy lying to me again?
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      2. Sammy-kun-sama
        if no, how do i get one then?
        Feb 8, 2015
      3. Angel & Gengar
        Angel & Gengar
        Sell your soul to satan.
        Feb 8, 2015
      4. Sammy-kun-sama
        Where do i find this Satan. is he on Smogon?
        Feb 8, 2015
    11. Dee Em
      Dee Em
      Hi, Zarel. Can you help me reset/recover my password in the Smogon Showdown? I really forgot my password.
      My username is 'Dee Em'.

      I appreciate your time reading this.

      1. Haunter
        Private message either myself or Jasmine on Showdown in order to get a password reset link.
        Feb 2, 2015
    12. SharkNinja
      Hello! earlier today i tried making a pokemonshowdown server i got it running and i could join it, the only issue was that every time i get on it would say: my ip is popular for hacking websites and im using a proxy" i never hacked any websites ever,and i dont even know what a proxy is. can someone help me by clearing my ips name so i dont get muted on the server constantly? thanks
    13. eaglehawk
      fix the cancel button
    14. Recreant
      Hello! I was wondering if there was any way to take a name of an inactive user on Showdown. I heard that you have to be a badged member, though, is that correct?
      1. Zarel
        Or have PS/Smogon contribution credit or be an RO or be a global driver. But yes, you need something.
        Jan 29, 2015
      2. Recreant
        Ok, thanks for the response :]
        Jan 29, 2015
    15. hey yal
      hey yal
      1. Wolfenstein
        I believe if the pokemon using knock off dies to iron barbs/rockyhelmet/stuff like that then it wont knock off the opponent's item
        Jan 26, 2015
      2. hey yal
        hey yal
        Knock Off will not remove a held item if the user faints due to Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet.-Bulbapedia
        my bad i didn't know that
        Jan 26, 2015
    16. Slurptastical
      Sorry to bother you on wall post zarel, but I dont know how to PM :p. And I have something very important to talk about in private, can you pm me?
      1. Jegoro
        You can PM by clicking someone's name and cthen click "Chat" and a box will appear you can chat there. Or use the command /w [user], [text] . And you can allso go to the help room (/join help) and ask there
        Jan 25, 2015
    17. legendofblue
      people that use the timer are miss using it can you delete the time or ask one the guys to because they are impatient boo hoo I took a second of your life that what I feel like nobody remembers what Pokemon is a strategy rpg anymore just because of sweepers they are too cocky that why people time you because they are to cocky the timer is being miss use
    18. Kyosuru Jets
      Kyosuru Jets
      Zarel can i have the name Jets. It was made around 2012. and it doesnt seem to be used anymore, i was wondering if I could have it :x
      1. Zarel
        Jan 19, 2015
    19. legendofblue
      can you remove the timer because people are miss using it
    20. The Immortal
      The Immortal
    21. pabtwitch
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      2. pabtwitch
        So sorry. These were at different times and I didn't see this before. Was not trying to be an attention bore xD
        Jan 10, 2015
      3. pabtwitch
        Jan 10, 2015
      4. Iwan
        * Whore ...
        Feb 1, 2015
    22. Jellal Fernandes
      Jellal Fernandes
      Thanks for developing PS!, and sorry for bothering you (a lot), earlier. I know you may not use it, but take this as a token of my apologies, and appreciation (I assumed Meloetta was your favourite pokemon): http://imgur.com/pzBFhaQ
    23. Undead1999
      1. Zarel
        it's a PS server...
        Jan 5, 2015
      2. Scizornician
        One that keeps spam advertising everywhere :v
        Feb 20, 2015
    24. Jessilina
      you're pretty cool, happy new year, and thank you for creating PS!
      1. Cornelly
        lol Jess... pls
        Jan 13, 2015
    25. Jellal Fernandes
      Jellal Fernandes
      Ok, Im sorry for all the hassle.
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