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Jul 2, 2015 at 4:28 AM
Aug 16, 2011
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Not a Yuyuko fan, from Sailing the Seven Internets

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Viewing thread Uncompetitive Strategies [Baton Pass], Jul 2, 2015 at 4:28 AM
    1. dice
      can u plz readd the poke names under the sprites in the teambuilder

      only sprites is super inconvenient since u can't ctrl+f a certain poke
    2. Skalaylee
      Will NEXT ever be re-introduced maybe this time with more support then the last?
      1. Zarel
        Probably one day.
        Jun 29, 2015 at 11:55 PM
    3. Genesis7
      Hey Zarel, I've been having an issue on PS where if I build a team it will suddenly disappear from the teambuilder a couple days later along with all of the teams I made after it. The teams that preceded that date are fine and still show up in my teambuilder but recent teams are the only ones that are affected. Could you let me know why this is happening? Thanks.
      1. Zarel
        hm, I think this has to do with unreliable team-saving mechanisms. I'll look into it.
        Jun 26, 2015 at 3:52 PM
      2. Zarel
        In the meantime, the desktop client saves teams in files which shouldn't have this problem, if you'd like to use that, instead.
        Jun 26, 2015 at 3:53 PM
      3. Genesis7
        Ok thanks, I backup my teams so it isn't a huge deal to me but I figured I should mention it.
        Jun 26, 2015 at 3:54 PM
    4. Exiline
      Hi zarel,
      I have a big problem with ps: i can't log on the main server and im not the only people who can't.
      Can you fix this please ?
      Sorry for my bad english
    5. Antar
      1. Zarel
        Can't you update it yourself?
        Jun 14, 2015
      2. Zarel
      3. Antar
        Let's find out!
        Jun 14, 2015
    6. Soulmaster
      I believe you are at least a person to go to as well as the right place for asking but I seem to have forgotten my Showdown password. Both Soulmaster and PokeSoulmaster(the name I use when Soulmaster is taken) aren't working with my normal passwords. To be honest, I don't know if Soulmaster is me, but I am 99% sure that PokeSoulmaster is. So any help you could give or point me to someone else would be appreciated : )
      1. Austin
        Try PMing Jasmine on either here or on PS
        Jun 6, 2015
    7. I DON't KNOW
      I DON't KNOW
      thx for making ps
    8. Dread Arceus
    9. Austin / Cakes / aspire
      Austin / Cakes / aspire
      how could vell?
      1. Angelpichu
        What mate
        May 26, 2015
    10. Angelpichu
      Lol smogon intro said,"staff birthday today and it had your avatar and your on it
    11. Angelpichu
      Happy birthday Zarel
      1. Zarel
        Did someone tell you it was my birthday? They were trolling you.
        May 22, 2015
    12. Agility10
      If a pokemon attacks a rocky helmet(and faints)then it says the pokemon fainted, but it failed. lol
      1. Angelpichu
        May 23, 2015
    13. Ronald Reagan Debates
      Ronald Reagan Debates
      looks like i found the reagan of showdown
    14. TheAce22
      zarel #UnlockMyBudDEthroner
    15. Get Backer
      Get Backer
      Why did the aesoft replay get discotinued ;-;
    16. nizzyd18
      You are the GOAT of PS
      1. Zarel
        oh my
        May 16, 2015
    17. KFCutman
      If you could give Meloetta any ability, what would it be?
      1. Angelpichu
        It would be magic bounce
        May 28, 2015
    18. Pandamaster4000
      Do you know how I can tell who locked the chat for my account, so I can make a discipline appeal?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Rhythms
        Pandamaster4000, any chance you were logging onto PS! on a mobile device? It does that to me sometimes when I log on from my phone, it's really nothing to worry about. It just happens on phones.
        May 29, 2015
      3. Pandamaster4000
        "Due to spam, you can't chat right now using this phone carrier." I am using a laptop not a mobile device, thank you Rhythms for your help regardless.
        Jun 5, 2015
      4. Zarel
        That's why it says "phone carrier". Your laptop was connected to a phone carrier.
        Jun 5, 2015
    19. TheSkyAboveUs
      Hi. I forgot my password to my Showdown account 'Darkskull'. I was wondering if there is any way to get it back.
      1. Zarel
        Ask in the Help room.
        May 10, 2015
    20. ex007delta
      haunter wouldn't answer me, but are you a weeaboo? :3
      1. Zarel
        May 8, 2015
      2. ex007delta
        "It can not be denied".
        Thanks Google. :3
        May 12, 2015
    21. Goombario64
      Not sure if permission is needed for this but could I make a thread about discussing what could happen if eviolite worked for mega-evolvable pokes? Either in OU or Competitive Disscussion, don't know.
    22. forwardrewind
      Have you talked to D lately?
      1. Queen Lala
        Queen Lala
        oh my god XD
        May 4, 2015
      2. forwardrewind
        Lala, check my status atm, I hella got him in PMs
        May 4, 2015
    23. Jegoro
      I never knew you speak Chines o.o Happy bday!
    24. Luckstard.
      yo, what are the exact sizes for roomintro on PS? For example on franais we have to scroll to see the bottom of our roomintro, so what are the max sizes with no scroller for a roomintro please?
      1. Zarel
        200px tall
        Apr 27, 2015
    25. -gizmo-
      What exactly is a contributor credit? I assume I've earned one through a badge but I'm not exactly sure. I'm asking because I see that's a way to get an avatar on ps?
      1. Zarel
        It's certain specific badges. Unfortunately, TC doesn't qualify.
        Apr 26, 2015
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