2v2 Metro (round 1)

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Signups are full, pairings are completed thanks to Randomizer.org ;d

porygon3 vs Great Sage
Jackal vs Ace777
iggeh vs Pilocus
Shiv vs jc_crw
Justin8649 vs Kumar
rambo_verm vs JMC
Bulblax vs Lesm
Night Sniper vs Homsar
jrrrrr vs Seafan
COalex vs Matthew
Groudon80 vs wraith
JabbaTheGriffin vs Hoagie
-FL- vs Pillowrath
Noobster vs Extrasensory
Eo Ut Mortus vs Karrot
Cerivious vs Mekkah

Subs/Inactive people: shady777

You have exactly one week to get your battles done - that's next Monday, July 16, at midnight (as in transferring into Tuesday).

http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24381 for rules and such.

Have fun and...gl.

Let me also clarify something about people who don't battle by the deadline - I'll flip a coin, the winner moves on, the loser becomes a sub, and if the sub is active, they can replace the winner if they aren't active, it'll make more sense once the deadline happens
ok beat justin in a very weird match. he froze 2 of my pokes on the same turn, but 3 of his pokes suicided without doing anything to mine. it was funny anyway, if someone wants the log, PM me.


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Self-KO clause was about to let Perish Song backfire on Cerivious when Hi Jump Kick knocked out my Rock-type Converted Gengar. ): gg
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