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3rd Gen Team. Please Rate and Help

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Yug18111, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Yug18111


    Apr 4, 2012
    So this is my thrid generation battle frontier team that's good for the most part but, compared to other teams, could use some work... :

    Skarmory / Kinzoku
    Drill Peck
    Toxic (keep in mind that roost isn't in this gen)
    @Keen Eye
    @Impish w/ Leftovers
    Def:184 SpDef:12 Hp:252 Atk:60

    This is your typical third gen Skarmory. It sets up spikes and pretty much walls anything physically offensive. In the battle frontier, Skarmory doesn't do much, but for competitive battles, it makes a good physical wall and can single-handedly take on most fighting types (except a special medicham). Due to the lack of Roost in gen 3, I went with Toxic to "pressure" the opponent into either letting their pokemon faint or switch into spikes. The main reason for why I chose it over rest is because Skarmory has leftovers for recovery. When working with the rest of the team, Skarmory is useful in covering Umbreon's fighting-type (and bug-type) weakness usually forcing a switch. When up against a fire-type, I can make a switch into Starmie forcing another switch on my opponent's side that I could predict and use an effective move on and incoming, say, grass-type. Also, if Nidoking is about to be hit with an earthquake or any other ground move, I can switch in skarmory for no damage.

    Umbreon / Koge
    Baton Pass
    @Bold w/ Leftovers
    Hp:252 SpDef:126 Def:126

    Umbreon acts as my main staller. I would poison the defending poke, then stall with protect and wish fully taking advantage of his high defences. Next to a fighting type, it can survive at least one or two moves which is long enough to use toxic and switch into skarmory, starmie, or salamence. Better yet, thanks to its aability, synchronise, it can switch into a status move without too much worry.

    Salamence / Ryuu
    Hydro Pump
    Dragon Claw
    @Timid w/ Lum Berry
    SpAtk:252 Sp:252 Hp:4

    Salamence is a somewhat decent special attacker. It covers its ice and dragon weaknesses fairly well. Its set is pretty much standard with powerful special moves. I gave it a Lum berry for two reasons: 1) Choice specs/scarf doesn't exist in this gen... 2) Salamence atracts status conditions like a flame to moths. The Lum berry has saved me on multiple occasions be it wifi or frontier battle. It forms a good core with starmie and nidoking. ice type on salamence to starmie, electric type on starmie to nidoking, ground type on nidoking to salamence. Obviously, this works with more than just these three, but you see what I mean. Also, Intimidate helps my other less physically defensive pokes make a safer switch or even skarmory to potentially not take any damage.
    Heracross / Beetler
    Brick Break
    Rock Slide
    @Adamant w/ King's Rock* Choice Band**
    Atk:252 Sp:252 Hp:4

    Definitely the most powerful member of my team and a great sweeper. Helps get rid of that annoying blissey for starmie and salamence while they do their part for forretress and other skarmorys. Its moveset is very straight forward. The only other thing that I've really considered would be swordsdance. However, the choice band makes up for its loss. Swarm helps with megahorn boosting its power to incredible heights. Despite not having any defensive or hp ev's, heracross can indeed take a STAB psychic and live to tell the tale.

    Starmie / Starz
    Ice Beam
    @Modest w/ Bright Powder*
    SpAtk:252 Sp:252 Hp:4

    Starmie is basically the special version of heracross. It has good type coverage for poison and even poison/grass like venusaur. And even if it doesn't get coverage over a certain poke, skarmory and umbreon can easily rush to its support. Its moves are very generic and it makes an excellent sweeper when the pokemon that resist it are taken care of. Its ev set is also pretty typical despite its amazing usage.

    Nidoking / Kings
    Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    @Poison Point
    @Adamant w/ Scope Lens*
    Atk:252 Sp:252 Hp:4

    Nidoking is more like a bulkier, yet weaker, heracross. Looking back, I'd rather have it gain some bulk rather than speed because I have run into other pokemon that can out speed it without any evs... Its ability is helpful but not majorly useful because of skarmory and umbreon's toxic. It still has a great attack stat, though, and an advantage over heracross in that it can hit ghosts with shadow ball (which is physical in this gen). It does gain support from salamence and skarmory for ground and psychic type moves. Starmie can also make a good switch into any psychic type that might threaten it (except a thunderpunch alakazam). I personally consider it kind of the oddball of my team.

    That said, please give me your opinion/advice for this team. It would be very helpful ^^" And I'll apologize now for any inconviniances or mis-formatting in this thread...

    *Battle Frontier item only
    **Competitive Battles item only
  2. Triangles

    is a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 14, 2011
    Psychic looks like an invalid coverage move on Starmie - replace it with Recover for extra durability. You may hit Poisons SE, but Nidoking beats all Poisons apart from Weezing, and your Starmie beats Weezing 1 on 1 even without Psychic. Your Umbreon's EV's seem a little suspicious and rather unspecialised (you actually have 4 EV's to spare on that spread) - I would change them to a spread such as 252 HP, 120 Def, and 136 Sp. Def with a Sassy nature and a 0 Speed IV, which allows you to tank special hits optimally, and also take physical hits fairly well. The -Speed nature and IV of 0 is so that you can take the hit for whatever you pass your Wishes to, making it into a true team player. You might want Rest above Toxic on Skarmory so that you have a way of recovery and are not just eventually beaten down by powerful attackers, although you might be alright if Umbreon stays alive throughout the game and passes lots of Wishes. Also, once Starmie dies, bulky waters will give you a hard time.

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