Completed A Comedy of Reffing Errors--Rolf vs. Athenodoros (ref: that guy who sucks a lot)

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Need a semi-even battle for my Happiny.

1v1 Singles
DQ Time: 1 Day
No Recovery, No Chills
Arena: An indian tepee
Taking Rolf's.

Switch = Banana
Abilities = All
Items = Off.

Can we have a ref?
Yes Atheno, you most certainly can!

Both combatants have PMed me their Pokemon for this one-on-one battle, so I'll just release them now:

Happiny [Elincia] (F)
Nature: Modest (Attack is decreased by *; Special Attack increased by *)

Type: Normal
Normal: Normal STAB; Bite, Claw Sharpen, Crunch, Dig, Double Kick, Hammer Arm, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Rock Smash, Shadow Claw, Sunny Day, Wild Charge have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).

HP: 110
Atk: (-)
Def: *
SpA: **(+)
SpD: ***
Spe: 30

Natural Cure: (Innate) This Pokemon’s body has the ability to heal itself of status afflictions over time, it goes into effect six (6) actions after being inflicted with a status. In switch battles, this Pokemon heals all status effects when switched out.
Serene Grace: (Innate) This Pokemon has a blessing which doubles the success chance of its attack’s secondary effects. (eg paralysis from Thunderbolt)
Friend Guard (DW): (Innate) The Pokemon's body emits an aura of joy that reduces damage for allies in multiple battles by two (2).

EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Sweet Kiss

Mud Bomb

Fire Blast
Shadow Ball

Magikarp (M), "Jormungandr"

Naive - A 15% increase in Base Speed [Rounded Up] and a +5% flat decrease in accuracy on an opponent's attacks. Special Defense decreased by *

Water - Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious. Splash and Ice Moves have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).

Swift Swim - (Innate) The Pokemon with this ability moves extremely fast is slick, rainy conditions, doubling (x2) its speed in the rain.
Rattled (DW) - (Innate) These Pokemon are more easily frightened by Ghost, Bug, and Dark-typed attacks and will raise their speed by one (1) stage when struck by attacks of those types

HP: 80
Atk: *
Def: **
SpA: *
SpD: (-)
Spe: 92 (+)

EC: 1/9
MC: 3
DC: 1/5



Atheno orders
Rolf orders
I ref

etc. Good luck, and keep it clean!


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Aright, Jormungandr, its time for another battle! This time, I want you to just attack it all out (because you can do something else with your movepool [/SARCASM]) by just Bubbling towards it and Bouncing on top of it: Bounce => Bubble => Bounce. Get the bounces done quickly, before he can move, and if he has used Gravity then replace the last Bounce with another Bubble.
Elincia, lets start this strong. As karp flops towards you, get some Toxic ready to spew. When he makes contact, throw it all over him. Next, use Gravity to nullify Magikarp's hopping skills. No more splashing around for him. Finish with a punishing Shadow Ball.

HP: 110
Energy: 100

HP: 80
Energy: 100

Welcome to another exciting Smogon ASBL battle!

Our two Trainers have already sent out their Pokemon, and the battle is about to begin! Athenodoros' Magikarp, which I believe he's nicknamed "Jormungandr," makes the first move: he Bounces up high into the air, and...boom! What a landing, square on top of Rolf's Happiny for solid damage! But it looks like Happiny countered: there's evidence of Toxic poisoning on Jormungandr! Looks like Elincia spewed some Toxic waste just in time!

Clearly not impressed by Elincia's tactics, Jorm shoots out a stream of Bubbles! It hits, and leaves enough of a dent to slow her down a bit! Now what's Happiny doing? Wait...unghh...I feel so...heavy...looks like Happiny's intensified the Gravity in the arena! That'll stop Jorm from Bouncing again!

In retaliation, Jorm shoots more Bubbles at Elincia! She takes a decent-sized hit, and returns with a powerful Shadow Ball! That's going to leave a mark!

Both sides have come out strong! Who will gain the upper hand in the next round?

HP: 87
Energy: 79
Other: Gravity (1 round left), Speed -1
Status: Feeling down.

HP: 68
Energy: 85
Other: Badly Poisoned
Status: Doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Jormungandr's Bounce: RNG rolls 4; Bounce hits. Deals 9 damage to Elincia. Jormungandr expends 7 Energy.

Elincia's Toxic: RNG rolls 408; Toxic hits. Jormungandr is now Badly Poisoned. Elincia expends 7 Energy.

Jormungandr's Bubble: Deals 7 Damage to Elincia. RNG rolls 92; Elincia's Speed is reduced one stage. Jormungandr expends 2 Energy, and takes 1 Poison damage.

Elincia's Gravity: All jumping/flying moves are unusable for two rounds. Elincia expends 8 Energy.

Jormungandr's Bubble: Deals 7 damage to Elincia. Jormungandr expends 6 Energy (4 added from previous use), and takes 1 Poison damage.

Elincia's Shadow Ball: Deals 10 damage to Jormungandr. Elincia expends 6 Energy.
Okay Elincia, the timer is ticking now!

That Magikarp is pretty helpless when it can't even Splash, isn't it! Send a Shadow Ball straight at it. Next, use your super cuteness to Charm the thing and render its attacks even more useless. Finally, use the now-wet dirt on the ground from bubble to send a Mud Bomb flying straight at the flopping flailer.

Oh and did Shadow Ball get the 40% chance after serene grace of SpD drop? It doesn't matter that much I guess but for accuracy's sake.


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Jormungandr, I'm not sure that we can really get around these disruptive moves with your terrible movepool, so I think that you'll just have to keep attacking. First, use Reversal while Gravity is still in effect. Then, use Bounce to avoid the Charm of Happiny and not attack: put all your energy into dodging. Finally, end with another Reversal to try to get some more damage on it.
All right, sorry I'm about an hour past the deadline!

And Rolf: No, since the RNG rolled eight hundred something, it didn't have a chance.

HP: 87
Energy: 79
Other: Gravity (1 round left), Speed -1

HP: 68
Energy: 85
Other: Badly Poisoned

Welcome back to the battle! It looks like Jorm's summoning all his strength for a Reversal attack! It's a good hit, but not as strong as it could be! Elincia replies by blasting a Shadow Ball at the flounder! What a hit!

Jorm desperately tries to Bounce into the air, but the Gravity is too great! It seems Jorm's Trainer forgot that Gravity lasts two rounds! The Happiny on the other end of the field responds by using her feminine Charm to lower Jorm's Attack power!

Jorm hits with another Reversal, but this one deals less damage than the first! Elincia seems to remember how Magikarp used Bubble last round, and spotting the wet ground, she packs some of the Mud into a spherical Bomb and hurls it at Jorm! Luckily for the fish, it misses, but it doesn't end so well for Athenodoros...

While he grabs a quick rinse, we'll take a break!

EDIT: Hold the phone! It seems that some of the mud on the ground has, of its own will, formed into a ball and--ouch! It's just knocked Jorm for a loop! That's rather odd...

HP: 57
Energy: 79
Other: Gravity (1 action left)
Status: Thinks Atheno now looks like a constipated Nuzleaf.

HP: 44
Energy: 73
Other: Badly Poisoned
Status: Flopping around aimlessly. (Seriously, how can this guy even breathe?)

Atheno to order.

Jorm's Reversal: 68 HP remaining=8 Base Power. Deals 12 Damage to Elincia. Jorm expends 6 Energy, and takes 2 Poison damage.

Elincia's Shadow Ball: Deals 10 Damage to Jorm. Elincia expends 6 Energy.

Jorm's Bounce: Fails because, unfortunately for Atheno, Gravity lasts two rounds, not one. Jorm takes 2 Poison damage.

Elincia's Charm: Jorm's attack is reduced by two stages. Elincia expends 6 Energy.

Jorm's Reversal: 54 HP remaining=8 Base Power. Deals 9 Damage to Elincia. Jorm expends 6 Energy, and takes 2 Poison damage.

Elincia's Mud Bomb: RNG rolls 956; Mud Bomb misses. Elincia expends 6 Energy.

Afterward: Fixed Mud Bomb accuracy issue (two posts down).


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Okay then, Jormungandr, that was a bit embarassing. Anyway, this round I think we are getting to the point where just try to Reverse the damage done to us will be best: Reversal => Reversal => Reversal
Quick thing - Gravity decreases the evasion of all Pokemon by 3/5, so any move with 60% Accuracy or more will always hit. Mud Bomb should have 100% accuracy, and ima need that 10 damage lol.

Let's try and finish this Elincia. Shadow Ball twice, then finish by focusing, then Countering the final Reversal.

HP: 57
Energy: 79
Other: Gravity (1 action left)

HP: 44
Energy: 73
Other: Badly Poisoned

All right, we're back, and now that Atheno's gotten himself cleaned up, we can continue the battle!

Jorm tries to do some more damage right off the bat with a Reversal! It's a solid hit! Still with some energy left, Elincia manages to pull off a Shadow Ball attack! That hit seems to be particularly effective, and the Magikarp's Special Defense is lowered one stage!

Trying to make up for this development, Jorm charges (um...splashes) toward the Happiny, and hits with Reversal once more! But it seems that the Toxic poisoning is taking its toll, and as he hobbles (flops...) back to his starting spot, Happiny throws another Shadow Ball at him! With unsportsmanlike conduct like this, coupled with the increasing Poison damage, it'll take a miracle for Jorm to--

WHOA! Jorm just lashed out with the most powerful Reversal I've ever seen! It's almost too much for Elincia, but she manages to dig deep and Counter the attack! Unbelievable! Atheno just had victory ripped right out of his hands!


HP: 1
Energy: 47
Status: Remembered her lucky horseshoe this morning.

HP: 0
Energy: 0
Other: Badly Poisoned
Status: HAX

Jorm's Reversal: 44 HP remaining=12 Base Power. Deals 15 damage to Elincia. Jorm expends 6 Energy, and takes 3 Poison damage.

Elincia's Shadow Ball: Deals 10 damage to Jorm. RNG rolls 141; Jorm's Sp. Def is lowered one stage. Elincia expends 6 Energy. Gravity's effect is lifted.

Jorm's Reversal: 31 HP remaining=12 Base Power. Deals 15 damage to Elincia. Jorm expends 10 Energy, and takes 3 Poison damage.

Elincia's Shadow Ball: Deals 11 Damage to Jorm. Elincia expends 10 Energy.

Jorm's Reversal: 17 HP remaining=20 Base Power. Deals 28 damage to Elincia. Jorm expends 14 Energy, and takes 3 Poison damage.

Elincia's Counter: Deals 42 damage to Jorm. Jorm faints. Elincia expends 16 Energy.


Rolf wins! No, really this time!

Reward time, yada yada.

Atheno: 2 TCs

Jormungandr: 1 EC, MC, DC

Rolf: 2 TCs

Elincia: 1 EC, MC, DC, KOC

Me: 1 Ref Token

And all I can say is...nothing. I seriously screwed this one up.


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wow, I put this down for a loss. ggs Rolf, and thanks for reffing Galladiator. Also, you know it takes something away from the comeback when you continually have 'charges valiantly (flops) towards...'?
Um...It seems I've made a major mistake here. My calculations were off; Happiny should have 1 HP remaining. I've edited the post.

Go ahead and riot if you want, Atheno; I wouldn't blame you.

(Thanks for pointing that out, Rolf)
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