A (do-it-yourself) Story

Here's how it's gonna go down. Basically, each person posts the next paragraph to the story. So I'm going to start with the introduction paragraph, then each post afterward posts what happens next in the story (it doesn't have to be a huge paragraph, keep it like 3-6 sentences). Feel free to be as creative as you want, just make sure it somewhat relates. Here we go:

With the TV on and my parents asleep I found myself in a tight spot. With my mind open and my knees bouncing I searched the house looking for something to do. After a few laps around the house I looked down and their was the family car keys. Without hesitation I bolted out the back door like slowly shutting it behind me. Jumping the fence and approaching the car I finally decided to get in. already knowing how to drive, I wasn’t nervous.
Leaving the lights off so that the glare wouldn’t seep into my parent’s bedroom window right in front of me, I slowly but impolitely backed out of our driveway, approaching Power road from our Lysterfield South. Looking for any sign of trouble I drove on thinking to my self, well I drove this far a little more wont hurt.


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Not really knowing where I should go next, I headed down the road out of town, southbound on I5 and through the desert. I didn't know what would be open this late, but I figured I'd stop at that bright light over the horizon and see what was going on. Slightly excited by the possibilities that lie ahead , I gripped the wheel with white knuckles. As I approached the hill the light grew steadily brighter. What could it be?

Loyd's Fishery and Live Nudes. Jackpot!
But after the initial joy died down, I realized I didn't have any money, probably leaving it at home in my rush to get out of the house. It's too late to turn back and go home, so I look around for some spare bills. After digging everywhere, I found $7.46 throughout the car. Instead, I mentally marked the place down in my head, and go looking for something else to do. Reaching a local intersection, I pull up to the light, when something whizzes by. Was that...two cars? My curiosity gets the better of me and I follow the speeding cars until they stop. It seems some underground racing joint was just down the road. This could be the way to get the money I needed. But...I'm also driving the family car and just betting my spare change won't get me enough to get into that sweet joint I saw earlier. I sit on the hood of the car while I decide what to do.
As I sat on the hood of the car, out of the sky came a wren. The wren said, "Did you steal your mom's car! Don't tell me you're thinking about joining that drag race! What is wrong with you!?! Opps! Here comes the cops!" So the bird and I jumped into the stolen car and quickly drove away, as the blue lights grew closer. I yelled to the man in charge of the drag race, "Here's $7.46 and a Hello Kitty watch! I'm running this race." As the wren screamed about my loving mom and how going to prison is for losers and morons, I took my place in the race.
As I sat behind the wheel, gripping it tighter by the second, I felt a strange liquid coming from my nether region. I then woke up and realized I had wet my bed yet again. I sat there, drenched in my own urine, contemplating whether or not to change my underpants.


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They say that friendship is much like peeing your own pants, nobody can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. By that logic, I opted not to change my underpants. Finally, I woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. I found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was late. I found my coat, and grabbed my hat, made the bus in seconds flat. I found my way upstairs and had a smoke, somebody spoke and I went into a dream.
I entered the dream now. It was almost like the one before where I had wet my bed, though I don't think it will happen this time. I am driving a car down one of those barren desert roads like in the car commercials. All of a sudden I see a man in Arabian wear, and a sign in Arabic flies by. I had just enough time to read the English subtitle: WELCOME TO AL MADINAH. Conveniently the English is fading, while the Arabian title is well painted and clean. Being a woman, I start to feel somewhat nervous, since it is fairly well known that you cannot be uncovered as a female. Despite this, I went on. It was mostly desert for the next several miles, though for some reason there was the salty smell of the sea. I could not place it, and as such put it in the back of my head to think about when the thought actually became relevant.
the op said to keep it in 3 to 6 sentences, or else it's really boring to read walls of text just to write the next one. maybe it's best to edit that or we'd have to skip it
And when someone wrote more than a few sentences, the crowd of angry forum members began to bitch. I chose to sit idly, staring at the mob, waiting until everything died down. "Ah, if only life were filled with less problems and people were to walk at their leisure."


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Which scared me, because zombies weren't supposed to exist unless they came from a horror-flick. This reminded me that I was actually alone in this planet and that I was to become the next "I am Legend." I figured that this was meant to be, so I decided to actually buy myself a latte. Sadly, this wasn't ever meant to be.

Edit: Just for the sake of dvm, the "I am Legend" I am speaking of is the movie and not the book... >_>
Which scared me, because zombies weren't supposed to exist unless they came from a horror-flick. This reminded me that I was actually alone in this planet and that I was to become the next "I am Legend." I figured that this was meant to be, so I decided to actually buy myself a latte. Sadly, this wasn't ever meant to be.
Just guessing from the way you said it someone never read the book. The movie botched the plot more egregiously than any other book adaptation I've ever watched.
As I sat at the cafe table by the sidewalk, a man in a suit walked up and sat in front of me. His golden hair was neatly combed, and he sported a stubbly chin. In an instant I knew, he was Leonardo DiCaprio.

"You mean...I'm dreaming?" I asked.

"Yes. Right now you are lying down on the chair in the workshop..." he trailed off, but his poise remained steady.

And so we sat there, as the pavement exploded into shards around us, accompanied with sweeping orchestra music lovingly composed by that musical genius, Hans Zimmerman.