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A little bit of everything.

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Clinton, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Clinton


    Jun 20, 2011
    This is my first official team I have setup that will be used in a local tournament this Saturday, the format will be 4v4 flat rules.

    Thundurus with Dark Gem
    Modest: Ev's Sp.atk(255) Speed(255)
    Rain dance
    Dark Pulse
    Heal block

    Thunderus's goal is to start off by heal blocking any pokemon that actively relies on heal moves as its strategy, breaking it.

    Rain Dance can be used in sync with Tornadus and Tailwind to make both Thunder and Hurricane a sure hit, it also weakens fire type moves against Thundurus and counter weather any team that doesn't rely on Rain.

    Dark Pulse is a good move to have because it is super effective against psychic types(Reuniclus, Gothitelle) and if you out speed you opponent it has a chance of making them flinch. Plus it can also hit any pokemon on the field regardless of what position Thundurus is in. Dark Pulse will be you best bet against Palpitoads and Quagsires who are immune to lightning attacks.

    Thunder is a very powerful lighting move and it is a STAB for Thundurus doing a little extra damage, it is to be used against water, flying, dark type(dark pulse is not very effective) opponents.

    Thundurus's main weakness is Dark-Ground types like Krookodile who can use stone edge/rock slide and is immune to thunder and strong against dark pulse.

    Tornadus with Focus sash
    Sassy: EV's Sp.atk(255) Speed(255)
    Rain dance

    Tornadus's main goal is to use tailwind or raindance his first turn because he won't be 1 hit ko'ed thanks to his Focus Sash and your team will appreciate the speed boost or help Jellicent with Water Spout or Thundurus with Thunder.

    Use Hurricane on any opponent not strong against flying type moves as it is very powerful, a STAB, and has a chance to confuse your opponent which could win you the battle or save your pokemon's life. No matter what position, Hurricane can hit any pokemon on the field.

    Tailwind is great with his prankster ability because it will generally always go first and give your pokemon a double speed stat for x amount of turns, perfect if you want your team to strike first.

    Rain dance: (Read Thundurus's description)

    Extrasensory: It is a psychic move to use against poison types not weak against flying type moves and will help deal more damage against pokemon strong against tailwind, it also has the chance to make your opponent flinch

    Tornadus's big weakness is again Krookodile and Lightning types as Hurricane is weak against lighting types and Extrasensory doesn't effect dark types.

    Jellicent with Sitrus Berry
    Modest: EV's HP(255) Sp.atk(255) Ability: Cursed Body
    Water Spout
    Ice beam
    shadow ball

    Jellicent is a great switch in if a Conkeldurr's mach punch or hammer arm is going after Scrafty because it is no effect, with his High HP water spout is very potent against rock, ground, fire types and he has ice beam for taking down dragons and gliscors. He can make an impact in battle. I use a sitrus berry because if he takes damage the turn I use Water spout I want to make it as strong as it can be against my opponents plus it helps me check my opponents damage rates and when I can use recover, and hopefully disabling super-effective moves.

    Recover heals half of his HP and in a long battle will turn the tide especially if their strongest move is disabled. It will also make water spout stronger.

    Ice beam is to counter dragon's and flying types(especially Gliscors) and hopefully freezing my opponent.

    Shadow ball is a STAB and is useful taking down ghost/psychic types and lowering bulky pokemon's sp.def(Like a Bronzong's) and it is to be used when water or ice is not effective.

    Water Spout is a powerful water move that hits more than one target so ground, rock and fire types are in big trouble if he has 70-100% HP on him and he uses Water Spout. It is also good for KO'ing multiple opponents.

    His weaknesses are Lightning, ghost, grass, and dark but all are covered by his teammates.

    Scrafty with Big Root
    Relaxed: EV's HP(255) Attack(255) Abi: Moxie
    Drain punch
    Bulk up
    Rock slide

    I use scrafty to counter dark, fire, psychic, bug, rock, steel, ghost, ice, and some flying. With his HP maxed he can take hits and heal much more with drain punch supported by Big Root, after KO'ing my opponent and getting +1 attack from Moxie he becomes much stronger and will gain even more HP from drain punch. Used in sync with trick room(Reuniclus) I can use Payback on any psychic and ghosts types, as they normally will go before my Scrafty, and hopefully getting a KO or close to one.

    Drain Punch is a STAB and will heal you depending on how much damage you inflict upon your opponent, avoid using it on certain poison types with items or abilities that will hurt you as you drain their HP, if you are faster use Rock slide, slower use payback. Getting a full KO using this move will result in getting you atleast half of your total HP
  2. Zephyr

    Zephyr Life Stream
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    Aug 2, 2007
    "the format will be 4v4 flat rule, but this team has also won me some 6v6 singles."

    So do you want this rated as a doubles team, or what?
  3. Clinton


    Jun 20, 2011
    Doubles, I will edit that as it confuses people, sorry about that.
  4. Clinton


    Jun 20, 2011
    Bump: First post edited and fixed, props to franky!

    Please feel free to rate!

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