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A sandard team

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Birdy94, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Birdy94


    Feb 25, 2012
    The format will be:

    Name, Ability, Item, Nature
    HP,Atk,Def,Sp.Atk,Sp.Def, Spd
    Brief Explanation

    So here goes:
    Tyranitar, Sand Stream, Chople Berry, Adamant
    Crunch, Rock Slide, Counter, Protect
    He is basically here to setup sandstorm, furthermore if I manage to predict right counter guarantees me a 1HKO on a close combat, most of which he survives with chople berry.

    Landorus, Sand Force, Yache Berry, Adamant
    Rock Slide, Earthquake, Explosion, Protect
    Landorus is used for pure physical power, there is little which resists both earthquake and rock slide which are boosted in a sandstorm and he can go out with a bang with explosion.

    Ferrothorn, Iron Barbs, Leftovers, Careful
    Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, Power Whip, Protect
    Essentially a counter to rain teams, he can paralyze any swift swimmers while using power whip on politoed so I can take over the weather, he also fares fairly well against a variety of pokemon due to his excellent typing (apart from fire weakness), defenses, leech seed, leftovers and sandstorm.

    Gastrodon, Storm Drain, Rindo Berry, Modest
    Scald, Ice Beam, Recover, Protect
    Gastrodon is surprisingly useful in a variety of situations protecting my team, half of which are weak to water from single target water attacks especially useful with good prediction and switching in. He is also relatively effective in rain and at taking out dragons. Finally his ability to recover means he can stall while sandstorm damages the opponent.

    Scizor, Technician, Flying gem, Adamant
    Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, Acrobatics, Protect
    The main reasons for him being included is his many resistances and being more reliable than Tyranitar for KOing fighting types with acrobatics. Bug bite also lets me 2 hit KO Cressalia, Reuniclus and Musharna with bullet punch a surprisingly powerful priority move.

    Heatran, Flash Fire, Air Balloon, Calm
    Lava Plume, Earth Power, taunt, Protect
    He is here for two reasons, Abomnasnow and Amoonguss, Lava Plume is the best way to tackle these threats, Earth power is there just for coverage, Taunt is essentially there as a filler but is useful in the right circumstances but is rather limited.

    Final Note:
    I was considering putting a Latios in for Heatran with Draco Meteor, Flamethrower (to still hit abomnasnow), Psyshock and Protect. I would do this because it means my other pokemon doesn't have to use protect and this Latios is more versatile than the Heatran and can be partnered with Landorus more easily due to his immunity to earthquake. On the other hand If flamethrower didnt KO the abomnasnow then a blizzard would easily KO my latios and he is hit by sandstorm.

    I also do not always run Tyranitar as this team functions fairly well outside of sandstorm if four of the other pokemon seem more important. Please tell me what you think, Thanks, Birdy94
  2. voodoo pimp

    voodoo pimp Apply directly to the forehead
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 12, 2010
    Your format needs a little work, to be blunt. You need to replace the stats with EV spreads (especially since those look like level 100 stats, but VGC is level 50), and I would also suggest separating each Pokémon's attacks into four lines for easier readability.

    As for the team itself, you've fallen into the sand team trap of thinking that every Pokémon on your team needs to be immune to the damage. This is actually a very bad idea, because it inevitably leads to massive defensive issues - you have three Pokémon weak to Fighting, three weak to Water, two weak to Ground, and two weak to Fire (both of which are double weaknesses), so any opponent using more than one of those types will severely limit your options. I would recommend using at least two Pokémon that are specifically not immune to the damage, that instead provide support for the team.

    On Tyranitar, I would consider switching the item for a Focus Sash if you want to try Counter, because most Fighting attacks will KO it if it's taken much damage anyway and then it's also protected from random Meteor Mashes, crits, and such.

    Also, Latios can't learn Flamethrower, so that's out unless you want to settle for HP Fire.
  3. Birdy94


    Feb 25, 2012
    So who would you suggest switching in/out
  4. The Knights of Wario Land

    The Knights of Wario Land

    Jan 30, 2012
    With two of your Pokemon massively weak to Fire, running Lava Plume on Heatran over Heat Wave isn't the smartest idea, even though they can protect. Careful isn't the best nature in the world for Ferrothorn either, seeing as Gyro Ball is one of its best STABs, and a Brave nature just works out better in the VGCs.

    The formatting needs to be greatly improved too, it's extremely cluttered at the moment.

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