A short guide on how to create a Pokemon Base Stat spread


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As per Doug's request. Please critique. Thanks.

Here is a short guide on how to make a Base Stats spread of a Pokemon. We'll assume that the Offense/Defense Bias (ODB), Physical/Special Bias (PSB) and Overall Stats rating of a Pokemon are given.

Creating a Base Stat Spread

I think it's best to illustrate this by some examples. Make sure that this applet is loaded before continuing.

Example 1:

ODB between -20 and -10 (Moderate Bias to Defense)
PSB between 20 and 30 (Bias to Physical)
Stats Rating between 300 and 419 (Very Good)

Here, we notice that we want a somewhat physically defensive Pokemon. Hence we start by inputting a physical defensive spread... something like 80/80/120/80/80/80, in the applet. We get:

ODB: -18.9
PSB: 18.8
Rating: 272

So now we need to make the spread even more to the physical side. Let's add 5 to both the Atk and Def stats... we try 80/85/125/80/80/80. We get:

ODB: -17.9
PSB: 23.7
Rating: 294

Notice that we now only need to increase the Stats Rating to be within 300 and 419. A good rule of thumb to remember is that changing the HP stat will never change the PSB rating, and changing the Speed stat will change the PSB rating only very slightly. So changing the HP and Speed stats will only significantly change the ODB and the Overall Rating. Since we can afford to lower the ODB by a bit and still be within -20 and -10, we decide to increase the Speed stat a bit here, to be slightly more offensive and increase the Stat rating at the same time. We try 80/85/125/80/80/90, and we get:

ODB: -14.2
PSB: 23.9
Rating: 321

So our final base stat spread is 80/85/125/80/80/90. Of course, this might not be the base stat spread that you prefer, but this is a good starting spread to play around with to get to the spread you prefer, while still being within the required ratings.

Example 2:

ODB between 5 and 10 (Slight Bias to Offense)
PSB between -5 and 5 (No bias)
Stats rating between 420 and 579 (Excellent)

In this spread, we require a somewhat balanced Pokemon but having slightly more attacking prowess than defensive ones. Let's start with the spread: 80/90/80/90/80/80. We get:

ODB: 5.7
PSB: 0.0
Rating: 234

We are already within the limits of ODB and PSB, and hence we can try to improve the rating. Let's try to do this by increasing all base stats by 10... we try 90/100/90/100/90/90. We get:

ODB: 6.2
PSB: 0.0
Rating: 401

We just need to increase the rating a little bit more and we're set. We increase all stats by 5, trying 95/105/95/105/95/95. We get:

ODB: 6.5
PSB: 0.0
Rating: 560

This is within the required limits. You can play around with the stats a little more to get to your own preferences now. Maybe you want a lower SpA, or a higher SpD, or more HP, or less Speed... it's up to you from now on.

Example 3:

ODB more than 40 (Extreme Bias to Offense)
PSB between -30 and -20 (Bias to Special)
Stats rating between 250 and 299 (Quite Good)

Here we clearly want a special sweeper that can barely take a hit. Let's try something like 60/60/60/120/60/110 first.

ODB: 52.2
PSB: -38.2
Rating: 275

The resulting PSB is more than we need, and we can't afford to increase any of the stats anyway since we are already within the Stats rating required. So we need to lower either SpA or Spe. Suppose we absolutely require 110 Spe. We decide to lower SpA to 110, so we try 60/60/60/110/60/110.

ODB: 46.9
PSB: -33.0
Rating: 230

The PSB is still not within limits, and, in addition, the Rating is now lower than we need, so we seem to have done a step backwards. However, this is actually a good step. In order to get to a PSB between -30 and -20, we need to increase the physical stats a bit, and this can now be done since the Rating is low enough to allow us to do so. We try increasing Atk and Def to 65 (60/65/65/110/60/110):

ODB: 43.5
PSB: -25.6
Rating: 244

We're almost there. We want the rating to increase slightly now. Since the ODB is dangerously close to 40, we decide to increase SpA slightly by 5, so we try 60/65/65/115/60/110:

ODB: 46.2
PSB: -28.2
Rating: 266

And there we have it. You can now start to modify this rudimentary stat spread to whatever you prefer better.

Modifying the Stat Spread

To aid you in creating your own Base Stats spread, here we shall mention how the various applet stats will change after modification of one of the base stats.

Of course, increasing a stat will always increase the Stats Rating, and decreasing a stat will always decrease the Stats Rating. Here are the other effects to the other values. + means it will increase, - means it will decrease, = means it will not change, and ? means its behaviour depends on other factors.

Stat    PT  PS  ST  SS  ODB  PSB
 HP+     +   =   +   =   -    =
 HP-     -   =   -   =   +    =
Atk+     =   +   =   =   +*   +
Atk-     =   -   =   =   -*   -
Def+     +   =   =   =   -*   +
Def-     -   =   =   =   +*   -
SpA+     =   =   =   +   +*   -
SpA-     =   =   =   -   -*   +
SpD+     =   =   +   =   -*   -
SpD-     =   =   -   =   +*   +
Spe+     =   +   =   +   +    ?**
Spe-     =   -   =   -   -    ?**
* The change will only be done if that stat is not smaller than its counterpart. For example, if you increase Atk, then ODB will increase only if Atk is greater than or equal to SpA. If you decrease SpD, then ODB will increase only if SpD is greater than or equal to Def.

** If Speed is changed, PSB changes depends on the Atk and SpA stats. If Atk and SpA are equal, then changing Speed would not affect PSB. However, if Atk is greater than SpA and Speed is increased, the Atk stat is now slightly more viable than the SpA stat, and hence PSB would increase to reflect this, while if Speed is decreased, PSB would decrease. If SpA is greater than Atk, then the reverse happens. It should, however, be noted that if PSB does change after changing the Speed stat, it would usually only do so by a very slight amount, and hence you may assume that PSB would stay almost the same if the Speed stat is modified.