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About HG/SS Updating

Discussion in 'Archives' started by twash, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. twash

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    Dec 26, 2007
    As of yet, we are not accepting any HG/SS updates. The reason for this is we need to wait a couple of weeks before these get posted, as otherwise further changes to the metagame might happen rapidly and suddenly things need even more changes. Waiting a couple of weeks (maybe more) is the simplest solution.

    On top of this, we pride ourselves in testing sets thoroughly first. If HG/SS movesets are being tested within a few days of the moves being added, testing is likely to be limited. We want it to be tested over the long run, not a short spurt. There's no point posting something because it looks good on paper.

    Note that UU is in the middle of many things and consistently developing. Nasty Plot Mismagius might change the metagame a lot, it might not. How do we know? We don't - that's why we are waiting. Feel free to continue on current updates though, especially when it comes to grammar checking, and other general help.

    Further information will be posted somewhere clear when HG/SS movesets are allowed.

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