aifaM wolF: Game Over! Kharozz wins!

This is the main game thread for Flow Mafia. Flow Mafia takes place in a nonsensical dimension where lots of things don't quite make sense. There isn't much else to say. Except for the

Rules and Information: (mostly copied from Basic Mafia)
1. The game will cycle between Night and Day, beginning with Night 0. Unlike previous Night 0s, killing will work on Night 0.
2. Each Day will last a maximum of 48 hours. Each Night will last a maximum of 24 hours. Days and Nights may end early depending on whether a majority is reached or all Night PMs have been sent.
3. If you don't want to use your Night Role, please send a PM to me with the title 'Night x - Idling' anyway. This at least shows you're paying attention to the game.
4. Lynch votes must be bolded. No Lynch is an acceptable vote.
5. There are items in this game. If you want to give one away, the night action is Night x - Give ITEM to USER and the day action is Day x - Give ITEM to USER.
6. Do not paste or screenshot anything I tell you to anyone else in the game. Do not screenshot anything related to the game.
7. Do not talk about the game with or in front of living players while you are dead.
8. Do not impersonate other players or me. You may fake logs but don't fake a log involving me.
9. This is an open theme game. All Role PMs follow a simple format to allow them to be faked easily. Here is a sample:
Earthworm said:
You are the Villager. Your night action is Night x - Elect USER. That USER's vote will count for two during the next day. You win if the Village wins.
10. There is at least one member of an evil group (mafia) in the game.
11. If you have any questions about your role or the game please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm on IRC ( in #warau almost always.
12. The game ends when there are no conflicting win conditions.
13. Flow: Every night action has a target. Imagine what it would be like if for each target, whoever the target is targeting becomes a secondary target of that target. If the secondary target was targeting someone, that target would then become the tertiary target. Each night action would be multiplied until the entire chain of targets would be targeted by the night action. Under certain conditions, it is possible that such an effect may become a part of this game.

Player List:
Kharozz - Werewolf - Wolf - Winner

Class - Mewtwo - Wolf - Died Night 0
shuckles my hero - Schizophrenic Detective - Village / Inspector - Died Night 0
Fishin - Keigo Hayashi - Wolf - Died Night 0
BunnyMaster - Anaconda - Wolf - Died Night 0
hailflameblast - Darth Vader - Wolf - Died Night 0
Bass - Secret Agent - Wolf - Lynched Day 1
Phantasia - Queen Elizabeth I - ??? - Died Night 1
Jimbo - Barack Obama - Village / Mayor + Defender - Died Night 1
shade - Pirate - Village / Limited BG + Thief - Died Night 1
Coronis - Grey Wolf - Wolf - Died Night 1
CHENN - Jirachi - Village / Hooker - Died Night 1
Raito Light - Yagami Light - Wolf - Lynched Day 2
Dogfish44 - Hateful Homeless Man - ??? - Died Night 2
UncleSam - Mastermind - Wolf - Died Night 2
Towelie - Queen Elizabeth II - Village / Mayor + Defender - Died Night 2
Xyphang - Corrupt Cop - ??? - Died Night 3
theangryscientist - Torturer - Wolf - Died Night 3
Exarius - Jackal - Wolf - Died Night 3
billymills - Mafia Boss - Mafia / Kill + BPV - Lynched Day 4
Darkamber8828 - Psychotic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman - Died Night 4

PMs going out now. Good luck to everyone playing!

Deadline is in 24 hours from the original post time.


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Hot damn a new mafia game!

Edit: For Rule 6, does that include pasting/forwarding our Role PMs in this thread/PMs?


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Exarius can be rather inactive at times, I suggest you sub me in instead ;D

Just joking, good luck to all of you - I'll be watching this intently.


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Would like confirmation on this.
I talked to Earthworm and he said we are free to post our Role PM's. It really doesn't mean much in this game though, given how easily one can fake a PM. I suggest someone step up with a provable power, because that is the only way the village is going to get organized quickly. The sooner we get an established, cleaned village leader the better.

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Well, since pasting of role PMs is allowed, I think the village should get started on grouping.

You are Wingull. You have no night action. You know that <snip> is Pelipper. If he dies, you will get a boost in your powers. You win if the Village wins.
I can confirm that pasting of Role PMs is allowed now and for the rest of the game. Also, if you have two night actions and there is no indication that they can't be performed at the same time, then they can be.


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@shuckles my hero: hailflameblast is the only one who has come forward and tried to lead the village, if you think he is lying why not post your role PM? The village needs to gather claims as quickly as possible in order to put as much pressure on the mafias as possible, and anyone trying to delay this process is looking a little suspicious right now. I suggest everyone claim to hailflameblast unless someone with a more provable role wants to step up and take charge. Villages without a leader VERY early on are villages that get wrecked by bad mislynches and misinformation.
err my mistake, ihave clamied to him and I'm proving my role tonight and iif hailflameblast wants me to post my role I will. I'm probaly too parionod and I'm even more paraniod
in real life.