"Almost there" VGC RI warstory

Preface: Well hello smogon. This is my 1st vgc warstory. Well I never been good at starting things but how about I start this two days before regionals.....(p.s sorry for no pics)

NOVEMBER 11,2011:

Well I had my team ready. It was a basic intimidate paralysis spread.Well decided to test it on gbu. Yea not the results I expected. Well thankfully vulgo was able to breed up a poliwag, and croagunk that day, and then I thought of my team. It was quite simple, but before I continue on I'd like to show you my super awesome chinpokomanz(ev's are withheld because they are pretty unique to me):

I just reused the core of my autumn friendly team, and thought of ways to pick it up to speed with 2012 meta. Then I saw I had two water resist and toed came straight to mind. Then I just added his two best friends toed, and scizor.

NOVEMBER 12, 2011:

So I pick up my friend, and reach my other friends house and got prepared for the VGC who would right after vgc create there smogon accounts(Infiniteparalysis, and YoungVet). I had my bag of 1000 stuff at the ready. Literally it had like 2 dorrito bags, 4snapple bottles, and pop-tarts.The Ride was about 5 hours from NY to Rhode Island and well all we really did was teach my friends bro his team he will use in seniors which probably became the funniest moments in vgc this sunday.

So we arrive at the hotel, and head straight to random-match-up. Here is where I finally test my new team and GOOOOOOoooooo 2-11. Yea I was pretty pissed and thought I was destined to fail. I instantly went into annoyed mode and tried forcing everyone rooming with me to go to bed (which suceeds)rationalizing that all my losses were from lack of sleep.

NOVEMBER 13,2011:

Well this is it. what i've prepared for. I had everything ready, and arrived to the covention center at 8 only to find out well Masters don't start till later. I see mosquitox and our conversation is something like
ME:"Hey you go to smogon"
Mosquitox: "No, Im just ev training"(or some crap like that :p)
Me:(realizing what he means, and smirks a bit) Your Mosquitox right
Mosquitox:(Well damn. Thats all i remember folks. Till next time)

Well during my wait I see Cybertron walk in with babby like a pro. I greet them and move on.(this becomes a trend when I see most smogoneers. Just greet, and walk-away).

Well Seniors were starting soon, and YoungVets little bro battles who will soon to be Seniors Divison Champ. So yea 0-1 lil bro. then he goes on to win his next two, and heres where I begin to lol. Okay so he's battling this kid with a rain team, and well loses. I ask how he loses. He said because he was a douche. I look puzzled. Then the boy comes up to him and says gg, and says next time not to say "I'm Gonna use explosion man. Get READY!" Yep so it turns out youngvets bro was leading 2-1 with colo, and metagross out. He keeps ranting on how he's gonnna explode and well HE DOES killing both his own pokemon as the foes colo uses protect. I begin dying of laugter after this. So yep he finishes 3-3 at 16th place(what luck).

Well Now Im up. Here's were I take off with my 1st opponent:

VS Pat Hophan (zapdos/empoleon/terrakion/???)

K, I lead my regualr choice scarf terrakion+amoonguss lead vs his zappy, and empoleon.(note:my terrakion has 44speed ev's only). K so now im debating what to use. I can C.C empoleon, or rockslide zappy. I chose the laddder, and start ragepowder+rockslide. I get zappy on red, and his empoleon goes before zappy(slowass zapdos), and uses surf. K im like terrakion can survive that but he has a water gem and sacs his zappy, and terra goes down. I bring in toxicroak alonside amoonguss. he use the err other pokemon, and i recall drainpunching+ragepowdering for the easy 3-0W


VS Giovaim Neita(Cresselia,Hitmontop/zapdoes/???)

K im remember losing to my own stupidity. I saw this was a tr team and lead toxicroak and jellicent. he goes with top, and cresselia. Right off the bat im like FFFFF. I was originally gonna lead scizor/amoonguss. Now I'm in a bad match-up because I debate against myself. So yea it becomes 3-3, and i stop trickroom with the expense of croak. In comes my amoonguss. Heres were i become a idiot. My jelli was at red, and instead of letting it dies I go into a series of protects and ragepowders that get me no where but a 3-1 dephicit. Heres where my stupidity kicks in even more. I was supposes to have terrakion in the back, but instead had scizor in case TR gets up. Now its a lose 0-2.


I begin getting pissed realiazing that unless my resistance is sooo amazing i aint getting t4. Infiniteparalysis trys to say you still got 4 games left, and I become less pissed and continue on to my 3rd round opponent.


VS tennisace(Sabelye/crobat/raikou/rotom)

I know I have to win this, and well i feel at ease knowing its a fellow smogoneer so I relax a little and have fun. I lead my usual terrakion+amoonguss and he leads sabelye, and crobat. Im fearing a acrobatics pointed at amoonguss, and forget im scarfed and can easily get the ko. So i protect+rockslide. he will-owisp my terra, and now im liek NOOO, and does half on both sabelye, and crobat. I then tried to be more agressive and spore+rockslide. My memory is blurred but I get the ko on cro, and sabelye does something. From there I dont remeber but i know terra dies and I win with ???+amoonguss by ragepowdering both rotom, and raikous attacks.



VS Elizabeth Mahon(Gigalth/driftblim/jellicent/hydreigon)

K so Im currenty 2-1 and I battle a 1-2. SERIOUSLY. How am i suppose to get t4 battling a 1-2. I don't even feel like getting into detail and err terrakion+amoonguss make quickwork of her team. 4-0W
I wish her GoodLuck and moveon.

After this I find out my frineds are respectively 1-3. Both on a 1 game wining streak haha.



VS Rick Guerra(Toxicorak/politoed/kingdra/thunderus)

K so err standard rain team. Nothing flash that I remember. I end up leading croak+amoonguss and well win it like 3-0(i think)



VS Infinity.Cypher(ludicolo/politoed/ninetales/salamence)

You can see the battle here(courtesy of cybertron): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT75qkrNNuw

Well this is it. When I found it it was Infinity.Cypher I thought what a way to end the Season. I just relaxed knowing t4 was out of reach, and enjoyed the battle.(BTW I Love your team man). In team preview I see ALL 4 Weather inducers. I don't know what to lead. I don't even know why I led croak, and amoonguss, but It was sure fun. GG man.


I look at the final rankings and yep there I was 6th place. I was bugged about not getting top4, but hey im still going to nats (=.

->Finishing 5-1
->Meeting the many smogoneers who I did not mention.(sapphirebirch,ExpertEvan,Unreality) BTW i Loved your idea of signing cards unrealityXD
->having fun
->Vulgo for being the amazing breeder he is. I mean he bred like 20 pokemon for me to use. Your amazing man
->Biosci for giving me his pro terrakion he is well my MVP
->MuffinHead for his jelli, and amoonguss

->Not getting a ride to nats
->Talking to each smogoner for like two seconds

Well here concludes my Autumn Vgc adventures. Well Good bye and hope to see all of ya at philly/nats (=


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if i had wow'd it like i should have i would have won asdafafa

anyway it was cool meeting you!


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I had no idea that was you I was battling in the 2nd round. This whole time I thought that I missed you at RI :o

Anyway, cool warstory and we should rematch sometime.

Haha gg. All you really needed was recover on him, and yea I had no chance as a burned terrakion did below -50%.


I was looking forward to meeting you along with many. Guess that never happened haha. Guess ill see ya next season along with the rest, though were you there when they took the group photo?

Wow you were my round 2 opponent haha. GG there too. Wow, and Ugh when I saw cress set up lightscreen that turn my eyes widened haha, and it was probably over there. Jelli was fodder the whole match, and yet I tried to keep it alive. Haha. You deserved the win no matter how I played. Well hopefully we can meet again at philly(if your going), or nats(if your going again)
Yeah I was there in the group photo, I was wearing a Red and White Washington Capitals hat with a Shellos plushie in my hoodie if you saw me!
Solid performance; it sucks that you got the bad tiebreaker cause you're definitely good enough to qualify. I got the bad tiebreaker at worlds too lol, and had I lost even one more game I'd have gone in the final swiss rankings from 4th to 12th or something. So I guess you just got unlucky really, which is a shame.

Nice that you had a good time though!
You know, your story is a lot like mine. I went to VA seniors and

1. Lost in the second round
2. Got 6th place due to losing in the 2nd round
3. Went X-1

Great warstory, and I hope we both do better at Philly :D.

Expert Evan

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Great to see there, my son was also 5-1 in 7th place as he overcame a round 1 loss. Hs last match against Jio is now on Youtube courtesy of Cybertron.

Yea the tiebreaker system isn't the best. Hopefully next year, at nats/worlds or next season we see topcut or a-symmetrical cuts.


Wow definitely the bad end of the tiebreakers. If I recall he was the last 5-1?


haha the bad end of tiebreakers always suck. Though its really just praying the person that beat you is good. but I just have to try to not lose early on next time.
Nice job on 5-1. That "Metagross gonna esplode!" thing reminded me of my interesting gimmick. My Metagross is named BOOM!!!!!! yet does not know Explosion! Hope to see you at Philly, and most certainly Nats!
Wow I thought soul_survivor was a senior last year. Looks like a full grown man. but cool story bro
Very old looking whilst very young master :p. Though I didn't even expect seeing that pick here. lol?


I didn't realize how derpy I was. Im looking at every pic you take next year, while working on my failtini pose.


The metagross was the inside joke for my friends at vgc the whole day.


It was nice meeting ya, and congratz on 1st seniors. I look forward to seeing you at philly/nats.