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Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Two

Discussion in 'B101 Archive' started by Bloo, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    Closed, will do pairings when I have time tomorrow.

    Never mind, I lied. Tomorrow morning, things came up today. I'm just a one man team here in Battling 101 :pirate:.
  2. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    1. 6A9 Ace Matador - xjuliocesar (DPP OU)
    2. Alice - Fabulous but lazy (BW OU)
    3. BKC - Basti (BW OU) & KelseyH (BW OU & DPP OU)
    4. B-Lulz - SphealWithIt (BW OU)
    5. comatthew6 - Dark Fallen Angel (BW LC)
    6. Delko - Razza & Red Machine (BW OU)
    7. Elevator Music - Celsius (BW LC)
    8. EspyJoel - WDFAmatt (DPP OU)
    9. Harsha - Dewhinifier (BW OU) & -Rockstar- (BW OU)
    10. HellPowna - LuckOverSkill (DPP OU) & Panicopaura (BW OU)
    11. HSA - PryorConvictions (BW Ubers)
    12. idiotfrommars - Vintage Books (BW OU)
    13. JabbaTheGriffin - Blim (ADV OU)
    14. Lamppost - Thought (BW OU)
    15. Limitless - pielover12321 (BW OU)
    16. M Dragon - Fiction (ADV OU)
    17. Molk - Powerbut (BW NU)
    18. mostwanted - Jimbon (BW OU)
    19. Noodlez - CakesOfSpan (BW OU)
    20. Ray Jay - EBeast (BW LC)
    21. reyscarface - Thundur (DPP OU)
    22. San_Pellegrino - AB2 (ADV OU)
    23. Scimjara - Frostt (BW OU)
    24. Seven Deadly Sins - SatiSuicune
    25. ShakeItUp - Perfexionist (BW OU)
    26. SkyNet - GearFlow (BW OU)
    27. Stone_Cold - Jets (BW OU) & Windie (BW OU)
    28. Syrim - Double01 (BW Ubers)
    29. tennisace - imcooked (BW NU)
    30. Thatsjustpeachy - TrollFreak (ADV OU & BW OU)
    31. Omicron - umbriel (BW RU)
    32. Windsong - PsYch071c (BW OU)
    33. yee - Kaitii (BW OU) & bubbly (BW OU)
    34. Zebraiken - Cristal (BW NU)
    Only took 2 hours or so (ha!), but here they are. I tried giving priority to people who kept missing out spots as it's only fair to give those people a chance since they repeatedly keep missing out on a tutor, but I couldn't give tutors to all of those people because we only have a limited amount. I also tried to match people by their timezones to the best of my ability. If you've been tutored a few times before, I probably didn't give you a tutor to give other people a shot. If there are any problems, let me know. If a tutor wants to take on an additional tutee, let me know.
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