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This thread marks the beginning of the sixth period of playtesting for the first six CAPs (Syclant, Revenankh, Pyroak, Fidgit, Stratagem, Arghonaut).

The Arghonaut Playtesting ladder will replace the Stratagem Playtest ladder for the next 10 days, allowing us to test Arghonaut in isolation against the Platinum OU environment. Ladder ratings will NOT be reset. Here are the current standings (from the very start of the Arghonaut test):

Playtest Leaderboard
1. SNUBBULLSHIT (1,764.28)
2. MOBIUS. (1,656.57)
3. FUZZNIP (1,624.61)
4. BOBTHEBALL4 (1,592.07)
5. SNUBBULL (1,583.14)
6. HAX IS BAD (1,523.87)
7. REYSCARFACE. (1,522.53)
8. BEEJ (1,519.01)
9. ELEVATOR MUSIC (1,493.48)
10. DNITES (1,488.07)
11. REYSCARFACE (1,487.83)
12. ESTRANGED (1,473.91)
13. SOLSTICE (1,469.32)
14. REACHZERO (1,463.87)
15. CLOUDY DAY BLUES (1,446.66)

Don't be intimidated by these numbers, though. If you know OU, and you are willing to experiment with Arghonaut -- then you should do just fine.

This thread will serve as home base for sharing playtesting information about Arghonaut. Post comments, advice, movesets, strategies, etc. If you post long battle logs and or teams, please enclose them in CODE tags as not to scroll the page. We encourage people to post their teams here, for those that don't want to make full RMTs. Just a couple of sentences per Pokemon will do fine, explaining what it does for the team and why you chose it. Nothing fancy is required.

At the end of the playtesting period (August 29th), the most proficient battlers on the Playtesting ladder will be awarded with Custom Titles to represent their achievements. Remember to stay active throughout the majority of the playtesting period, not just at the end. The method of selecting those who qualify for the CT has not been decided yet; however, EXP with the CAPs could be a major factor.

CAP9 will be started as soon as possible, please don't ask about it.


Syclant: Friday, June 26th - Sunday, July 5th
Ladder Change: Monday, July 6th
Revenankh: Tuesday, July 7th - Thursday, July 16th
Ladder Change: Friday, July 17th
Pyroak: Saturday, July 18th - Monday, July 27th
Ladder Change: Tuesday, July 28th
Fidgit: Wednesday, July 29th - Friday, August 7th
Ladder Change: Saturday, August 8th
Stratagem: Sunday, August 9th - Tuesday, August 18th

Ladder Change: Wednesday, August 19th

Arghonaut: Thursday, August 20th - Saturday, August 29th <- You are here.
Well, some predictions:

Draco Meteor Salamence is gonna be really common, as it really hurts Arghonaut on the switch-in and Draco Meteor's BP stays the same due to the Unaware ability.

Tyranitar and Scizor will be slightly less common then usual due to the fact that Arghonaut completely walls them. Tyranitar is an exception though due to the fact that Zapdos and Celebi will rise in usage, meaning Tyranitar will be used to combat against them.

Toxic Spikes will also seem to be common to cripple Arghonaut, meaning it can't effectively pull off Bulk Up or use a SubPunch set since the poison damage will rack up quickly, unless the former uses Rest.

As for the Arghonaut set I'm using, I'm using my favourite set: Stockpile.

Arghonaut (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP/90 Def/168 SDef
Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Waterfall
- Stockpile
- Roar
- Recover

I use a team that sets down all 3 entry hazards, so I needed a Pokemon that can Roar like crazy without being hurt too badly. Arghonaut fits the bill perfectly. Try to gain 3 Stockpile boosts to improve Arghonaut's defensive stats without being worried of stat-up threats, then use Roar to chip away the opponent's team slowly. Recover for a reliable healing move, and Waterfall for a good STAB attack. It's been doing exceptionally well, and I enjoy using it.

Let's make the final playtesting an active one!


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Draco Meteor Salamence is gonna be really common, as it really hurts Arghonaut on the switch-in and Draco Meteor's BP stays the same due to the Unaware ability.
You're wrong. Unaware only ignores stat boosts on other pokemon. Even so, Salamence is just as dominant as ever. Mix Mence rips Argho and its stall buddies pretty well. CB Outrage is also pretty nice, as it 2HKOes the standard Bulk Up Arghonaut even if it manages to get one Bulk Up. Despite Argho's 110 base attack, it really doesn't cut it that well and I'd much rather use Swampert for STAB EQ, SR, and an Electric immunity for Rotom for bulkier offense. Otherwise, Arghonaut is definitely a Stall staple, effectively stopping set up pokemon in its tracks.
Arghonaut would work best on a stall team. It's too defensive for for balanced and offensive imo. I've been using a core of Mamoswine, Zapdos and Arghonaut to take advantage of the fact they murder each others counters. Also a Heatran set of Will-O-Wisp, Fire Blast, Earth Power and Hidden Power Grass cripples and/or kills Rest-less Arghonaut, Metagross, Swampert and Tyranitar to name a few. Considering these are big names current playtesting period, it works. The rest of my team sucks though, so it'll be a while before I update again.
Fuzznip, I suggest using six more defense EVs on that arghonaut (take them from sdef.) this gives you a cool free defense point!

meanwhile, I think I'm going to stick to the old standard, with a semi-offensive team:

Arghonaut@ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP/120 Def/136 SDef
Adamant nature
- Waterfall
- Ice Punch
- Brick break
- Recover
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