Completed Athenodoros vs. TRG in a flashmatch

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Challenging Atheno to a training rematch for the slaughter of my Sneasel!

1vs1 singles
1 hour DQ
Training items only
ASB Arena
unlimited recs/chills
(+all abilities and training items I think)


<Sneasel> [Lasfirlian] (Male)
Nature: Lonely (+1 to Attack, -1 to Def)
Ice: Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.
Dark: Dark STAB; immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in all darkened and especially twilight conditions. Can use any Dark-type attack regardless of Attraction.

Inner Focus:(Innate) When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.
Keen Eye:(Innate) This Pokemon has extremely good vision and cannot have its accuracy lowered by an opponent through any means (including accuracy lowering attacks, Smogs, Hazes, Fog, etc.). Its attacks are still affected by an opponent’s evasion and the Pokemon's own accuracy.
Pickpocket:(DW)(Innate) This Pokemon's mischievous nature and greed make it very effective at pawning off an opponents item. If this Pokemon has no item and either it or the opposing Pokemon strikes with a contact attack, their item is stolen and becomes the held item of this Pokemon. Pokemon with Pickpocket can be commanded to swap items with an ally, and only they will need to expend an action to do so because of their swifter sleight of hand.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 4(+)
Def: Rank 1(-)
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 115
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 17

EC: 2/6
MC: 4
DC: 2/5

Fury Swipes
Faint Attack
Quick Attack

Fake Out
Crush Claw

Shadow Claw

Ice Shard
Ice Punch


Tethys the Shellder (F)

Nature: Lonely (+Att, -Def)

Water - Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious.

Shell Armour - This Pokemon’s thick, bony outer shell prevents it from taking critical hits.
Skill Sink - This Pokemon’s skillfull aim makes its multi-hit moves always hit 5 times. The Energy Cost of multi-hit attacks is increased by three (3).
Overcoat (DW) - This Pokemon has a sturdy exterior that rebuffs the elements, making it immune to damage inflicted by bad weather. If the Pokemon is already immune to at least one (1) kind of weather by typing or a different ability, Overcoat reduces the Base Attack Power of all oncoming attacks by one (1).

HP: 90
Atk: **** (+)
Def: *** (-)
SpA: **
SpD: *
Spe: 40
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 14

EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Attacks (15):
-Icicle Spear
-Aurora Beam
-Icicle Spear
-Rapid Spin
-Rock Blast
-Double Team
-Rain Dance

Athenodoros issues actions, etc.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
Exp. Share.

IF he uses Dig A1 or A2 and doesn't stay underground, use Rock Blast + Rock Blast.
Round end:

HP: 30
Energy: 57
Other: none

Energy: KO
Other: none

Shellder: Rock Blast: (15+1+4.5)*1.5 = 30.75 ~ 31 Damage, 6 Energy
Hit: 491/1000: Yes
Crit: 23, 823, 511, 646, 468: 1
Sneasel: Counter: 31*1.5 = 46.5 ~ 47 Damage, 22 Energy

Shellder:[/u] Rock Blast: (15+4.5)*1.5 = 29.25 ~ 29 Damage, 10 Energy
Hit: 180/1000: Yes
Crit: 707, 971, 761, 715, 709: 0
Sneasel: Counter: 31*1.5 = 43.5 ~ 44 Damage, 25 Energy

Atheno: 2 CC
Shellder: 1 EC, 3 MC, 1 DC

Sneasel: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC, 1 KOC

Me: 3 UC
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