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B101 Signups FAQ

Discussion in 'Battling 101' started by IronBullet, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Oct 14, 2009
    Commonly asked questions regarding Battling 101 Signups

    • The thread is closed because there are currently more applications for tutees than there are available tutors. The thread will be updated and reopened periodically when there are more tutors available to teach. As such, there are no set dates for when a thread reopens and closes.
    • You will be paired when there is an available tutor within a reasonable timezone. It's as simple as that.
    • Note: If you have been extremely inactive on the forums and you are next on the list to be paired, you will not be paired until you show adequate activity on the forums.

    • Sure, join our Discord server and hang out with us. All users will be notified of B101 news and open spots.

    • Use the Tutee Talk forum to tell the B101 mods that your tutor is not doing their job very well. You cannot see any posts in the forum except for your own because only the B101 mods are allowed to see its contents. Give us evidence in the form of screenshots or logs to prove your point. We can reassign you to another tutor if your criticisms are valid.
    • On the other hand, feel free to let us know in Tutee Talk if you think your tutor is awesome. We welcome that as well.

    • No, not anymore. You must delete any existing posts in other signup threads if you want to sign up for something else. If you cannot delete your posts, send a VM to Plus, Shiba, IronBullet, or Jio Jio to delete your post.

    • Tutors are required to spend at least 3 weeks and 8 hours worth of tutoring per round. It can obviously go longer than that, but that is the required minimum.

    • You should have a firm grasp of the basic fundamentals of competitive Pokemon. EVs, IVs, natures, and basic strategies should be common knowledge. If you need to ask yourself if you are good enough to sign up for Battling 101, then the chances are that there's already something you can do by yourself to improve that doesn't require somebody else to teach you.
    • Battling 101 is mainly targeted towards:
      • players who have hit a plateau in terms of battling and teambuilding and can't seem to improve by themselves.
      • players who understand advanced battling strategies and predictions and want a quick crash-course in another format.
    • Battling 101 is not targeted towards:
      • players who have only battled competitively once or twice.
      • players who are good enough to learn things on their own and simply want to sign-up to either a) help their friends get positive evaluations or b) stroke their ego by being better than their assigned tutor.
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